Herbert I, Count of Vermandois

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Herbert I of Vermandois (c. 848/850 – 907), Count of Soissons, Count of Meaux, Count of Vermandois, and lay abbot of Saint Quentin. He was a Carolingian aristocrat who played a significant role in Francia.

Herbert was the son of Pepin of Vermandois. Herbert became count of Soissons before 889 and was probably charged with defending the Oise against Viking intrusions. A contemporary of Baldwin II, Count of Flanders he had the advantage of being a Carolingian, a grandson of Pepin of Italy, a son of Charlemagne.[1] Herbert controlled both St. Quentin and Péronne and his activities in the upper Somme river valley may have caused Baldwin II to have him assassinated in 907.[2]

Herbert arranged a marriage alliance to Robert of Neustria by giving in marriage his daughter Beatrice as Robert's second wife.[1] As a part of this pact Herbert also agreed to his son Herbert II of Vermandois marrying Adela, Robert's daughter by his first wife.[1]

Marriage and issue[edit]

He married Bertha de Morvis and their children are:


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Count of Vermandois
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Counts of Meaux
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