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Herbert Henry Lieberman (born September 22, 1933 in New Rochelle, New York) is a mystery/crime novelist and playwright. He received his AB from City College of New York and his AM from Columbia University. In 1977 he won the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière's International Prize for City of the Dead.[1]


  • The Adventures of Dolphin Green (1967)
  • Crawlspace (1971)
  • The Eighth Square (1973)
  • Brilliant Kids (1975)
  • City of the Dead (1976)
  • The Climate of Hell (1978)
  • Night Call from a Distant Time Zone (1982)
  • Nightbloom (1984)
  • The Green Train (1986)
  • Shadow Dancers (1989)
  • Sandman, Sleep (1993)
  • The Girl with the Botticelli Eyes (1996)
  • The Concierge (1998)
  • The Vagabond of Holmby Park (2003)

Plays produced and cinematography[edit]

  • Matty, the Moron, and Madonna directed by Jose Quintero at The Orpheum Theatre in Manhattan. It won the University of Chicago Charles E. Sergel Drama Award.
  • Tigers in Red Weather produced at the "Tyrone Guthrie Theater," in Minneapolis
  • Crawlspace was a TV movie, adapted from Lieberman's novel. It was directed by John Newland and Buzz Kulik, and it starred Arthur Kennedy, Teresa Wright, and Tom Happer.

Personal life[edit]

Liberman's mother was an orphan who fled Romania, and came over to America in an ocean liner called the Lusitania. She married Abraham Lieberman, of New Rochelle, New York. Herbert married Judith Barsky, and they have one daughter, and twin granddaughters.

Herbert, as a teenager, used to work at a soda pop shop. When he grew up, he worked at the New York Reader's Digest Book Club. Currently, he lives in California with his wife, and his wire-haired dachshund, Henry, lapping up the sun.

His thrilling horror novels were based upon nightmares which he had.