Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie

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Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie
Here Comes Peter Cottontail The Movie cover.jpg
Directed by Mark Gravas
Produced by Evan Bailey
Ralph Guggenheim
Sandra Walters
Written by Thornton W. Burgess
Kirk De Micco
Jenny Tripp
Evan Gore
Starring Miranda Cosgrove
Tom Kenny
Roger Moore
Molly Shannon
Christopher Lloyd
Distributed by DreamWorks Classics
Alligator Planet
Release date(s) 2005
Running time 70 minutes
Language English

Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie is a 2005 computer animated film, a sequel to the 1971 Rankin/Bass TV special, Here Comes Peter Cottontail. It was released by DreamWorks Classics. It made its television debut on 14 April 2006 on Cartoon Network. It includes several songs, including a pop rock version of the original song performed by Kai Fitzgerald.[1]


Peter Cottontail, who is now the Chief Easter Bunny of April Valley, has a son named Junior, who annoys his father by making impractical and outlandish inventions instead of doing his duty as the nougat supervisor at the candy factory after the nougat vat caught on fire. Peter, in an attempt to teach Junior about responsibility, assigns his son to clean the inside and outside Clock of Spring. Especially the Spring of Spring, the important part of the clock.

Meanwhile, January Q. Irontail, last seen having been the janitor of April Valley, approaches Jackie Frost, the queen of winter, with a proposal. Jackie wants it to be winter forever, and Irontail, who knows of the Clock of Spring's existence, decides to team up with her to steal the golden spring which powers it. They do so when Junior irresponsibly runs off with his friends Chunk and Sophie for the Calendar Day ceremony. And as soon as the Spring of Spring has been purloined, March gains extra days.

Realizing the whole mess is his fault, Junior runs away to find Irontail and Jackie and get the Spring of Spring back. Along the way, he teams up with a clumsy Robin named Flutter and a perpetually hungry mouse named Munch. As it turns out, Junior's desire to stop Irontail and Jackie couldn't have come at a better time, as the pair now plan to also steal the Sun of Summer and the Leaf of Fall. Meanwhile, a distraught Peter sends Antoine the caterpillar out to search for his son.

Irontail and Jackie Frost steal the Sun Of Summer and the Leaf Of Fall, but Junior, Flutter, and Munch freeze them (Irontail and Jackie Frost) and take the symbols back. Junior is reunited with his parents after restoring each part to the different clocks of the seasons. In the end, Junior, Flutter, and Munch perform a rock version of the original song while penguins try to un-freeze Irontail and Jackie Frost.


Returning characters[edit]

  • Peter Cottontail - The Chief Easter Bunny, now a much more responsible, if easily irritable, adult. You will notice he is wearing the same red sweater as he did in the first film.
  • Seymour S. Sassafrass - Our humble narrator is still a jovial and eccentric inventor who supplies April Valley with the colors they use to paint Easter eggs with, except now he has orange skin and pointy green hair.
  • Antoine - Despite turning into a butterfly at the end of the last film, Antoine has been retconned, so he's a caterpillar once again. No longer Sassafrass's assistant, he lives in April Valley with Peter.
  • January Q. Irontail - The evil metal-tailed rabbit returns for revenge against Peter. Here, we learn his name was originally "Fluffy" before he lost his tail and changed his name to January Q. Irontail.
  • Montresor - Irontail's bat assistant is back too, except now he is depicted as being much too small for Irontail to ride around on as he did previously.

New characters[edit]

  • Peter Cottontail, Jr. - Peter and Mama's son, commonly referred to as simply Junior. He strives to improve things, but his inventions always lead to disaster.
  • Mama Cottontail - Peter's wife and Junior's mother. This may be Donna from the first film, but that is not clear.
  • Flutter - A young robin who joins Junior on his quest after he literally runs into him.
  • Munch - A female mouse who is rescued from a hawk by Junior and Flutter, and subsequently comes along for the adventure.
  • Jackie Frost - The self-described Queen of Winter, who wishes it were winter forever. She is a blue-skinned female elfin being with brittle, icey hair and is accompanied by several penguin servants. This character was to be originally called ‘Jill Chill’ until it was discovered that the name was already owned by someone else.
  • Chunk - One of Junior's friends in April Valley, a sleepy-eyed brown boy rabbit.
  • Sophie - Another one of Junior's friends, a white-furred girl rabbit usually seen with Chunk.
  • Elroy - Peter's assistant at the candy factory, possibly a relative to Colonel Bunny's assistant in the original film.
  • Wind - A large, goofy octopus-like being who inhabits the clouds and creates winds by huffing and puffing. He helps Junior, Flutter and Munch out in their quest.


Actor/Actress Role
Tom Kenny Peter Cottontail / Junior / Antoine
Roger Moore January Q. Irontail
Molly Shannon Jackie Frost
Christopher Lloyd Seymour S. Sassafrass
Miranda Cosgrove Munch
Kenan Thompson Flutter
Greg Berg Montresor
David Koechner Wind
Dee Bradley Baker Chunk
Terri Douglas Sophie
Niecy Nash Mama Robin
Jill Talley Mama Cottontail
Mona Marshall Mother Mouse


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