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Here Media Inc.
Founded 2009 (2009)
Key people
Stephen P. Jarchow, Paul Colichman
Products here!
The Advocate
Out Traveler
HIV Plus

Here Media Inc. was founded in 2009 by Paul Colichman and Stephen P. Jarchow when Here Networks LLC and Regent Entertainment Media Inc. formed a business combination with PlanetOut Inc.[1] Here Media produces and distributes niche content focused on LGBT consumers across a multi-platform global network including television, video on demand (VOD), broadband, online, print, and mobile. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., with an additional office in New York, N.Y.[2][3] Mr. Jarchow is Chairman of the Board and Mr. Colichman is CEO of the company.

Executive officers[edit]

Stephen P. Jarchow, chairman[edit]

Mr. Jarchow is a motion picture executive with over 25 years of experience in real estate and entertainment ventures. He has been involved in the production and/or distribution of over 200 motion pictures, as well as the building of a library of over 3,500 programs. He practiced law for several years and subsequently was a partner with Lincoln Property Company, a large real estate development company, and a senior managing director with Bear Stearns, a major investment banking firm. He has been a participant in over 200 real estate partnerships and a principal in over $2  billion in financing. He has taught entertainment law for many years and is the author of five books and numerous articles and monographs. Mr. Jarchow received his BBA, MS, and JD from the University of Wisconsin. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Alumni Association and on the Board of Trustees of Otis College of Art and Design.[4]

Paul Colichman, CEO[edit]

Mr. Colichman serves as Chief Executive Officer of Here Media. He is best known for producing Academy Award winner Gods and Monsters. With his longtime business partner Stephen P. Jarchow, Mr. Colichman has produced and/or distributed over 200 motion pictures and television series episodes.[2] Mr. Colichman received a BA in political science and an MBA with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management. He has received awards from the American Civil Liberties Union, OUTFEST, the Stonewall Democrats, and GLAAD. He was recently named one of UCLA Anderson’s 100 most Inspirational Alumni.[5]

Brand titles[edit]

Here Media Inc. earns primarily subscription and advertising revenue from its content networks including Here TV, print brands The Advocate, OUT, and HIV Plus, and online properties including,,, SheWired,,, and[6]

Here TV[edit]

Main article: Here TV

Here TV is an American premium television network targeting LGBT audiences. Launched in 2002, Here is available nationwide on all major cable systems, fiber optics systems, and Internet TV providers as either a 24/7 premium subscription channel, a video on demand (VOD) service, and/or a subscription video on demand (SVOD) service.

The Advocate[edit]

Main article: The Advocate

Regent Entertainment Media Inc. (now known as Here Publishing Inc. and currently a subsidiary of Here Media Inc.) bought rights to the publication in 2008.[7] The company began printing The Advocate monthly, focusing on in-depth interviews and feature news stories. At the same time, Here Media used The Advocate‍‍ '​‍s web property,, to report news, political, and entertainment stories. The title has since been shifted to a print edition every other month.[6] Launched in 1967, The Advocate recently celebrated 45 years of publishing.[8]


Main article: Out (magazine)

Regent Entertainment Media Inc. obtained Out in the same acquisition deal as The Advocate.[7] Since acquiring the title, Here Media has expanded the magazine’s Web presence,, and worked to create a strong mobile application presence. Here Media has continued the tradition of hosting the annual OUT100 event and unveiling the “annual top 100 list of influential LGBT personalities.”[9] In October 2013, OUT celebrated its 20th anniversary.[8]

Out Traveler[edit]

Main article: Out Traveler

Out Traveler is an online destination for gay and lesbian trip-planning and travel information. The LGBT-focused website features destinations and travel guides for numerous gay-friendly cities.

HIV PLUS[edit]

Main article: HIV Plus

HIV PLUS magazine and were acquired by Regent Entertainment Media Inc. the same time as The Advocate and OUT. Founded by Anne-Christine d'Adesky in 1998, the magazine is distributed at doctors' offices, organizations offering services for people with HIV HIV community-based groups, and some other qualifying groups and organizations.[10] A digital edition is available to individual subscribers, and the website is updated daily.[edit]

Main article:

In September 2009, Here Media launched a new online portal on The site provides a user-friendly social networking system where members can enjoy a safe and comfortable online environment to meet like-minded men. Members have immediate access to over ten million profiles. Members can also message other members.[11] According to, showed a 20% increase in traffic in 2013.

In May 2012, Here Media introduced the mobile version of[12]

In January 2013, Here Media launched a redesigned Web property.

In September 2013 and November 2013, Here Media launched an Android and an iOS version, respectively.[13]


In August 2011, Here Media launched the new online portal The site features editorial content including the latest headlines from the worlds of entertainment, travel, style, and other cultural hot topics that reflect the “diversity of gay culture.” [14] Each year the site features the annual “Pride Guide,” which provides travel and entertainment tips about the various LGBT Pride Festivals around the country.


Main article: SheWired

SheWired launched in 2008 as a newly designed and technologically advanced version of Here Media’s former women’s site, The website is an online news and entertainment website targeting lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and gender-fluid women.

Corporate timeline[edit]

  • In December 2000, Online Partners agreed to acquire PlanetOut Corp., creating PlanetOut Partners Inc.
  • In 2002, privately held Here TV was launched and made available in 50 million homes[15]
  • In April 2004, PlanetOut Partners Inc. becomes PlanetOut Inc.
  • On October 14, 2004, PlanetOut joined NASDAQ under the ticker symbol (LGBT)[16]
  • In November 2005, PlanetOut acquired LPI Media, publisher of The Advocate, OUT Magazine, HIV Plus, and Alyson Books
  • In 2008, Regent Entertainment Media Inc. (now known as Here Publishing Inc. and currently a subsidiary of Here Media Inc.) bought rights to The Advocate, OUT Magazine, HIV Plus, and Alyson Books.[7]
  • In 2009, Here Networks LLC combined its publishing subsidiaries (including LPI Media and Regent Media) with its PlanetOut acquisition to create Here Media Inc.[1]


The Advocate Awards:

  • Time’s 10 Best Magazine Covers of 2009—(“Porn Panic,” May 2009)[17]
  • ASME Cover Award Nominee—“Matthew Mitcham,” March 2009
  • ASME Cover Award Nominee —“Porn Panic,” May 2009


  • The GLAAD Media Award Winner for Best Magazine—Overall Coverage[18]
  • ASME Cover Award Nominee—February 2010 (News & Business)
  • ASME Cover Award Nominee —September 2009 (Most Controversial)


  • GLAAD Media Award Winner for Best Magazine—Overall Coverage GLAAD[19]
  • Media Award Winner for Outstanding Digital Journalism Article—“A View From Washington”[19]
  • NLGJA Honor: Excellence in Opinion Writing First Place: Jonathan Rauch, The Advocate, “The Majority Report”[20]
  • NLGJA Honor: Excellence in Feature Writing Second Place: Jeff Sharlet, The Advocate, “Dangerous Liaisons”


  • The GLAAD Media Award Winner for Best Magazine—Overall Coverage[21]
  • Outstanding Digital Journalism Article Nominee—"Eight Months in Solitary"[22]
  • Outstanding Digital Journalism Multi-Media Nominee—“The Advocate 45th”[22]
  • NLGJA Excellence in Journalism Awards – Second (HIV/AIDS Coverage): Diane Anderson-Minshall for a series in HIV Plus Magazine[23]

OUT Awards:


  • ASME’s National Magazine Award Nominee—Best Portfolio; Out 100: School Days [24]


  • ASME Cover Award Nominee—February 2010 (Fashion & Beauty)


  • GLAAD Media Award Winner for Best Magazine—Overall Coverage[19]


  • CTAM Award Nominee for Multicultural or Alternative Audience Development Digital Media Gay Audience for Happily Divorced (TV Land)


  • The GLAAD Media Award Winner for Best Magazine—Overall Coverage

Here TV Awards:

  • 2009: Daytime Emmy Award Nominee—The Ribbon of Hope Celebration[25]
  • 2012: Daytime Emmy Award Nominee—30 Years From Here[26]


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