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Hereford Racecourse logo.png
Hereford Racecourse logo
Location Hereford, Herefordshire
Coordinates 52°04′23″N 2°43′44″W / 52.073°N 2.729°W / 52.073; -2.729Coordinates: 52°04′23″N 2°43′44″W / 52.073°N 2.729°W / 52.073; -2.729
Owned by Herefordshire Council
Screened on At The Races
Course type National Hunt
Official website
Hereford Racecourse

Hereford Racecourse was a horse racing venue located in Hereford, Herefordshire, owned by Herefordshire Council. Arena Racing Company held the lease for operating Thoroughbred racing fixtures there until December 2012.[1]

The course is almost square in shape with a circuit of about a mile-and-a-half.[2] Opened in 1771[2] the course was greatly modernised in the 1960s,[2] with also in 1966 a photo-finish camera being installed.[2]

Having failed to obtain a new lease from the Herefordshire County Council, Arena Racing Company ceased operations there in December 2012. [3] Hereford staged its final Thoroughbred race meeting on 16 December 2012,[4] but is still used for Arabian racing.[1]


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