Hereworth School

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Hereworth School
Hereworth school.png
Te Mata Road, Havelock North, Hawke's Bay
Coordinates 39°40′06″S 176°53′26″E / 39.6684°S 176.8906°E / -39.6684; 176.8906Coordinates: 39°40′06″S 176°53′26″E / 39.6684°S 176.8906°E / -39.6684; 176.8906
Type Private Boys' Primary and Intermediate (Years 0 to 8)
Motto Non Nobis Solum
(Not For Ourselves Alone)
Established 1927
Ministry of Education Institution no. 4108
Headmaster Ross Scrymgeour
School roll 220
Socio-economic decile 10

Hereworth School is one of only seven private boys' schools in New Zealand which caters for boarding and day pupils. It was established in 1927 by the amalgamation of Heretaunga School Hastings (New Zealand) and Hurworth School (Wanganui).

The school is founded on four main "cornerstones", which are Academic, Cultural, Christian Dimension and Sport. The Christian Dimension being very strong at Hereworth, the school has its own chapel and chapel choir in which the whole school attends services four times a week.


It was founded in 1927 by H. E. Sturge, who was the headmaster of Heretaunga school at the time. When he realised that his school was losing pupils, he travelled over to Hurworth School, which had the same problem. Mr. Sturge died a few years later from a heart attack while on a plane to Australia.

The Hereworth Boy[edit]

The values that a Hereworth Boy acquires:

  • He is curious about his world and aware of those who share it.
  • He is considerate of others.
  • He is cheerful and determined in the face of difficulties.
  • He knows that life is not always easy.
  • He is industrious and accepts that hard work brings its own rewards.
  • He tries hard at everything.
  • He strives to achieve his potential.

'Anti-Bubble Wrapping' Policy[edit]

In 2008 the headmaster Ross Scrymgeour spoke out against the 'bubble-wrapping' of school-age children. He suggested that kids are becoming more and more protected from risks, restricting them from going out of their comfort zone and taking responsible risks.[1]


The chapel at Hereworth School

Hereworth was started in 1927 and has since then become a school that ranges from year 0 to year 8. It is one of only seven private boys schools in New Zealand. The schools that it was born from, Hurworth and Heretaunga, were also private schools. Many new facilities have been added to Hereworth School and in 2008 the grounds won the 'Best Garden' award. As of 2007, students and staff have been able to use the modern technology block.

Technology Block[edit]

At the end of the first term in 2007, John Key opened the $2,000,000 Technology Block. In this building there are six rooms. These are used for: Music and Drama, Hard Materials, Media Studies, Computing, Food Technology and Soft Materials (Sewing etc.).


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