Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary

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Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary
Date opened 1985
Location Prescott, Arizona, USA
Coordinates 34°36′45″N 112°26′41″W / 34.6125°N 112.4448°W / 34.6125; -112.4448Coordinates: 34°36′45″N 112°26′41″W / 34.6125°N 112.4448°W / 34.6125; -112.4448
Website www.heritageparkzoo.org

Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, also known as Prescott Animal Park Association (PAPA), is a non-profit animal sanctuary in Prescott, Arizona, USA.


Founded in 1985 by Trisha Williams and Bob Matthews (both of Prescott, Arizona), the Heritage Park Zoo started out with just one animal: a Bengal tiger cub named Shikar. This facility is a sanctuary for non-releasable wildlife, with no other place to live out their lives. Heritage Park Zoo is also dedicated to education and conservation.


Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, formerly known as Heritage Park Zoo, is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary, dedicated to the conservation and protection of native and exotic animals. Located in Prescott, Arizona, the sanctuary provides a source of recreation, education and entertainment for all ages. With the mission of "Conservation through Education," Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary provides a unique and up-close experience with animals visitors may see nowhere else.

Animals at Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary all have a story and lesson to teach. Most are incapacitated and rescued from the wild or from inappropriate captive situations. At the sanctuary, the animals are respectfully displayed in natural habitats intended to educate the public on a variety of topics. Additional educational services are provided to Northern Arizona such as outreaches and guided tours of the facilities.

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