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The following houses in Sydney, Australia are listed on the Register of the National Estate[1] and/or the State Heritage Register of New South Wales:[2]

House Era Vicinity Notes
Elizabeth Farm 1790s Parramatta
Experiment Farm Cottage 1790s Harris Park
Old Government House 1790s Parramatta
Vaucluse House 1800s Vaucluse
Rouse Hill House 1800s
Cadmans Cottage 1810s
Juniper Hall 1820s
Toxteth Park 1820s
Glover cottages 1820s
Camden Park 1830s
Elizabeth Bay House 1830s
Government House 1830s
Lindesay 1830s
Newington House 1830s
Rose Bay Cottage 1830s
Admiralty House 1840s
Carthona 1840s
Fernhill 1840s [3]
The Hermitage 1840s
Richmond Villa 1840s
Willandra 1840s
Fitzroy Terrace 1840s
Bronte House 1840s
Emu Hall 1850s
Bishopscourt 1850s
Fairfax House 1850s
Greycliffe House 1850s
Kirribilli House 1850s
Stead House 1850s
Strickland House 1850s
Gladswood House 1860s
Reussdale 1860s
Tresco 1860s
Fernleigh Castle 1870s
The Hermitage 1870s
Holrood 1870s
St Claire 1870s
The Abbey 1880s
Cloncorrick 1880s
Caerleon 1880s Bellevue Hill
Highroyd 1880s Annandale
Rona 1880s Bellevue Hill
The Swifts 1880s
Woollahra House 1880s
Bellevue 1890s
Babworth House 1900s
Berith Park 1900s
The Crossways 1900s
Eryldene 1910s
Patrick White house 1910s
Boomerang 1920s
Fishwick House 1920s
Rovello 1930s Bellevue Hill
Walter Burley Griffin Lodge 1930s
Rose Seidler House 1940s Wahroonga
Buhrich House 1960s [4]
Harry and Penelope Seidler House 1960s Killara
Woolley House 1960s Mosman

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