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For the Danish-Norwegian educator, see Herman Amberg (educator). For the New York mobster, see Hyman Amberg.

Herman Amberg (22 December 1834 – 12 April 1902) was a Danish musician and composer.

A pupil of J.P.E. Hartmann and Anton Ree, in 1855 he set up in Viborg as music teacher and also worked as a singing teacher at the Latin School for 25 years. In 1868 he was organist at the cathedral and in 1892 was appointed a professor.

His brother Johan Amberg was also a musician.


Many of his works were published posthumously. The following list is incomplete.

  • 24 Preludes (Hansen, 1888)[1]
  • Op.5 - Prélude for Piano (Hansen, 1893)[1]
  • Op.6 - Sechs Orgelstücke zum Theil als Postludien anwendbar. (Hansen, 1893)[1]
  • Op.7 - Paraphrase f. Org. über Gade’s Melodie „O rüst’ dich, Held von Golgatha“. (Hansen, 1894)[1]
  • Op.7a - Nine little pieces for organ or harmonium (Wilhelm Hansen, 1903)[2]
  • Op.8 - Små stykker for orgel eller harmonium (Hansen)[3]
  • Op.11 - 10 Præ- og Postludier (Hansen, ca.1904).[3]


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