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For the German geographer, see Hermann Guthe (geographer).

Hermann Guthe (May 10, 1849, Westerlinde - August 11, 1936, Leipzig) was a German Semitic scholar. He was educated at Göttingen, Erlangen, and (after several years as a private tutor) at Leipzig University, where in 1884 he became professor of Old Testament exegesis. In 1881 and 1894 he traveled in Palestine; from 1877 to 1896 he edited the Zeitschrift, and from 1897 to 1906 the Mitteilungen and Nachrichten, of the German Palästina-Verein. He wrote on some of the minor prophets in Kautzsch's translation of the Old Testament and a metrical version of Amos (1907), with Eduard Sievers. and his published work was in the fields of philology and religion and of archæology and topography, the more important titles being:

  • Ausgrabungen bei Jerusalem (1883)
  • Palæstina in Bild und Wort (1883–84), with George Ebers
  • Das Zukunftsbild Jesaias (1885)
  • Palæstina (1908)
  • Bibel-Atlas (1911)
  • Geschichte des Volkes Israel (third edition, 1912)

He was also a contributor to the 1903 Encyclopaedia Biblica