Hermanus Brockmann

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Olympic medal record
Men's rowing
Competitor for a Olympic flag.svg Mixed team
Gold 1900 Paris Coxed pairs
Competitor for the  Netherlands
Silver 1900 Paris Coxed fours
Bronze 1900 Paris Eights

Hermanus "Herman" Gerardus Brockmann (June 14, 1871 in Amsterdam – January 18, 1936 in The Hague) was a Dutch rower who competed in the 1900 Summer Olympics.

He was part of the Dutch boats Minerva Amsterdam, which won the gold medal in the coxed pairs, the silver medal in the coxed fours and the bronze medal in the eights. He did not participate in the final of the coxed pairs competition, but in the semifinal. He is considered a gold medalist by the IOC and is listed in their medal database.

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