Herod of Chalcis

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Coin of Herod of Chalcis, showing Herod of Chalcis with brother Agrippa of Judaea crowning Roman Emperor Claudius I.

Herod of Chalcis (d. 48 AD), also known as Herod V, was a son of Aristobulus IV, and the grandson of Herod the Great, Roman client king of Judaea. He was the brother of Herod Agrippa I and Herodias.

He was vested the rulership of Chalcis, a kingdom north of Judaea, as tetrarch. After the death of his brother, he was also given responsibility for the Temple in Jerusalem, as well as the appointment of the Temple's High Priest. Ananias was appointed by him.[citation needed]

His first wife was his cousin, Mariamne.[1] She bore him a son, who was also named Aristobulus, and who eventually became ruler of Chalcis.

After Mariamne's death, he married his niece Berenice, with whom he had two sons, Berenicianus and Hyrcanus.

After his death the kingdom was given to Herod Agrippa II.


  1. ^ This Mariamne was the daughter of Joseph ben Joseph (nephew of Herod) and Herod's daughter Olympias, who was the sister of Herod Archelaus and Herod Antipas. See Antiquites XVIII 5:4.
Herod of Chalcis
New title Tetrarch of Chalcis
– 48 AD
Succeeded by
Agrippa II