Herschel (Martian crater)

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Martian impact crater Herschel based on THEMIS Day IR.png
Martian impact crater Herschel based on THEMIS image
Planet Mars
Coordinates 14°54′S 230°18′W / 14.9°S 230.3°W / -14.9; -230.3Coordinates: 14°54′S 230°18′W / 14.9°S 230.3°W / -14.9; -230.3
Diameter 304.5 km
Eponym William Herschel

Herschel is a large crater on Mars. It is named after the eighteenth century astronomer William Herschel.

Herschel is 300 kilometers wide, so large that it is properly considered an impact basin. It is located in the cratered highlands of the Martian southern hemisphere, at 14.5°S, 230°W. Its floor was discovered by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft to contain fields of dark sand dunes.

Dark dunes in Hershel crater.