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This text is drawn using Roman Complex (top) and Roman Simplex (bottom) fonts of the collection

The Hershey fonts are a collection of vector fonts developed circa 1967 by Dr. A. V. Hershey at the Naval Weapons Laboratory.[1][2] The fonts are publicly available and have few restrictions.[3] Vector fonts are easily scaled and rotated in two or three dimensions; consequently the Hershey fonts have been widely used in computer graphics and computer-aided design programs.


Simplex, duplex, and triplex versions of some glyphs.[4]


The fonts include Latin, Greek, Cyrilic, Japanese (kanji, hiragana and katakana). Symbolic glyphs support mathematics, musical notation, map markers, as well as meteorlogical symbols. The fonts also exist in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format to support HTML 5.[5] Over 2,000 original plottings are defined.

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