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Hervé Biausser, director of Ecole Centrale Paris

Hervé Biausser is the director of the French elite engineering school, École Centrale Paris[1][2] (ECP), a position he has held since September 2003. He has held the position of General Director of Supélec (École supérieure d'électricité) since September 2013.[3][4]


Hervé Biausser was born on 17 February 1951.[5] As a graduate, he studied engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris. He began his PhD studies at École Centrale Paris and, before defending, joined IRSID, the research institute of the French steel industry group Usinor (1977). There, he developed research activities on steel processing and steel products, held several managerial positions and took the responsibility of the Mechanical Metallurgy Department.[6] He then became a professor at his alma mater École Centrale Paris. He was promoted to the head of the Materials Development laboratory from 1998 to 2001. In July 2001, he became Director of the Research Centre of the institution, a position associated with the one of head of the Graduate School and director of the sister company Centrale Recherche SA.[3][6] In 2003, he became the director of Ecole Centrale Paris, replacing Daniel Gourisse, who had been director for twenty years.[6]

During his tenure as director, Ecole Centrale Paris organized a renovation of the Centralien curriculum. Hervé Biausser has been a strong advocate for the partnership with another engineering school, Supelec, and for the move from the Châtenay-Malabry campus to the Paris-Saclay one, which is underway. At the same time, the Centrale Graduate School group expanded by opening a new school in Beijing, École centrale de Pékin. Another Ecole Centrale is expected to open soon in Casablanca (Morocco), and it was announced that another school should open in India in the near future.[7]

In 2013, Biausser was selected as the new General Director of Supelec, a position he has been cumulating with the one at Ecole Centrale Paris since September 2013. This may be a first step toward a merger of the two institutions.

Biausser is member of the board of the "Conference des Grandes Écoles",[5] where, after being secretary, he had been expected to become president, but instead became a vice-president in June 2009.[8] He has been president of CESAER, a European association of engineering schools, for 2009 and 2010. He has also been president of the TIME network, which promotes the exchange of engineering students.



Personal life[edit]

His father was Breton and his mother from Réunion. He likes yoga, opera and classical Greek authors, and is a former handball player.[12]


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