Hesketh 308E

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Hesketh 308E
Hesketh 308E 2008 Goodwood.jpg
Category Formula One
Constructor Hesketh Racing
Designer(s) Frank Dernie
Nigel Stroud
Technical specifications
Chassis Aluminium monocoque.
Suspension (front) Double wishbone with coilover spring/dampers.
Suspension (rear) As front.
Engine Ford-Cosworth DFV 2993 cc V8. Naturally aspirated, mid-mounted.
Transmission Hewland FGA400 5-speed manual. Hewland cam and pawl differential.
Tyres Goodyear
Competition history
Notable entrants Penthouse Rizla Racing
Olympus Cameras Hesketh
Notable drivers United Kingdom Rupert Keegan
Republic of Ireland Derek Daly
Austria Harald Ertl
Mexico Hector Rebaque
United Kingdom Divina Galica
Debut 1977 Race of Champions
Brands Hatch
Races Wins Poles Fastest laps
18 0 0 0
n.b. Unless otherwise stated, all data refer to
Formula One World Championship Grands Prix only.

The Hesketh 308E is a Formula One racing car model built by the Hesketh Racing team in 1977. The car was designed by Frank Dernie and Nigel Stroud and was the last car built by the Hesketh team before it folded at the end of 1978. The 308E was a relatively conservative design, with an aluminium monocoque chassis built around the common Cosworth DFV engine and Hewland gearbox combination. However, the 308E gained particular notoriety owing to Hesketh's team sponsors in 1977 – Penthouse and Rizla – and the resultant livery which incorporated a large rendering of a scantily-clad Penthouse Pet embracing a Rizla packet. During this year, driver Rupert Keegan managed to qualify the car at every race entered although its best finish was only seventh place at the Austrian Grand Prix. For 1978 the team reverted to rather less controversial sponsorship from the Olympus Corporation, although results were less dependable. Following Hesketh's withdrawal from the F1 World Championship the remaining 308Es were run for various competitors in the British Aurora AFX championship.

A Hesketh 308E, seen in 1977's Penthouse Rizla Racing livery.