Hesperus Mountain (Colorado)

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This article is about the peak in Colorado. For the peak in Alaska, see Mount Hesperus (Alaska).
Hesperus Mountain
Dibé Ntsaa (Navajo)
Hesperus Mountain
Elevation 13,237 ft (4,035 m)[1][2]
Prominence 2,852 ft (869 m)[2]
Isolation 24.53 mi (39.48 km)[2]
Listing Colorado 4000 meter summits
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Hesperus Mountain is located in Colorado
Hesperus Mountain
Hesperus Mountain
Location High point of Montezuma County, Colorado, United States[2]
Range Highest summit of the
La Plata Mountains[2]
Coordinates 37°26′42″N 108°05′20″W / 37.4449971°N 108.0889642°W / 37.4449971; -108.0889642Coordinates: 37°26′42″N 108°05′20″W / 37.4449971°N 108.0889642°W / 37.4449971; -108.0889642[3]
Topo map USGS 7.5' topographic map
La Plata, Colorado[3]
Easiest route Scramble

Hesperus Mountain or Hesperus Peak, elevation 13,237 ft (4,035 m), is the highest summit in the La Plata Mountains, a small subrange of the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. The mountain is in the San Juan National Forest northwest of Durango. Though not of particularly high elevation for the region, it is visually quite prominent, as it is near the southern edge of the San Juan Mountains and rises over 7,000 ft (2,100 m) above the area.

Hesperus is notable as the Navajo People's Sacred Mountain of the North, Dibé Ntsaa, which marks the northern boundary of the Dinetah, their traditional homeland. It is associated with the color black, and is said to be impregnated with jet. When First Man created the mountain as a replica of mountains in the Fourth World, he fastened it to the ground with a rainbow and covered it in darkness.[4]

The San Juan Mountains have been the traditional homeland of the Ute People. http://www.dargnet.org http://uintahbasintah.org/maps/ubsw.jpg

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