Heusden Canal

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Heusden Canal
Location Heusdensch Kanaal.PNG
Origin Afgedamde Maas
Mouth Bergsche Maas
Basin countries Netherlands
Length 2.3 km (1.4 mi)
River system Maas

The Heusden Canal is a canal on the border of the Dutch provinces North Brabant and Gelderland, roughly between Wijk en Aalburg and Heusden. The canal connects the Afgedamde Maas and Bergsche Maas and has a total length of approximately 2.3 km.

The "Kromme Nol" lock

On the Bergsche Maas end, there is a lock named the Kromme Nolkering, and also the only bridge across the canal; it is part of the N831.

Creation of the canal was required under the Maasmondwet ("Maas Mouth Act") of 26 January 26, 1883.

Coordinates: 51°44′54″N 5°8′0″E / 51.74833°N 5.13333°E / 51.74833; 5.13333