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Hevisaurus Salossa.jpg
Hevisaurus performing in Salo, Finland
Background information
Origin Finland
Genres Heavy metal, children's music, power metal
Labels Sony
Associated acts Thunderstone
Website www.hevisaurus.com
Members "Herra Hevisaurus"
"Milli Pilli"
"Komppi Momppi"
"Riffi Raffi"
"Muffi Puffi"[1]

Hevisaurus is a Finnish heavy metal children's music band, who dress in dinosaur costumes. The band was started by Thunderstone drummer Mirka Rantanen. Their first album Jurahevin kuninkaat ("Kings of Jurassic Metal") was on the Finnish Album Chart for 10 weeks, peaking at number five.


After Rantanen attended a children's music concert with his children, he decided to start a heavy metal band for children.[2][3][4] Rantanen and friends from the Finnish "metalhead" community began writing and recording songs.[5][6]


Hevisaurus played their first gig in September 2009.[3][6] Such was the interest in the band, they were signed to Sony BMG and their first album Jurahevin kuninkaat ("Kings of Jurassic Metal") was on the Finnish Album Chart for 10 weeks, peaking at number five.[7] Audiences are reported as being attentive and after initial reticence, to become involved with live performances.[8]

Origin story and characters[edit]

According to the Hevisaurus back-story, the band members were hatched from five metal eggs that had lain buried in a mountain from 65 million years in the past. In the origin story, "lightning and witches' spells" unearthed the eggs and brought them to life.[3] Front-osaur Herra Hevisaurus is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Drummer Komppi Momppi - Rantanen himself - is an Apatosaurus.[6] Keyboard player Milli Pilli is a Triceratops. Lead guitarosaur Riffi Raffi, though hatched from the same eggs[3] is a dragon.[9]

Disagreement with Sony Music[edit]

In early 2011, the founder of the band, Mirka Rantanen, got into a disagreement with the band's record label Sony Music. Because of this, Rantanen and three other band members belonging to the band's live assembly founded a new band called SauruXet, which has continued making children's power metal music with the original concept and nearly identical artist names. The band Hevisaurus keeps its lead singer, its producers and the original stage costumes.[10][11]


  • "Herra Hevisaurus" ("Olavi Tikka") –- vocals
  • "Milli Pilli" -- keyboards
  • "Komppi Momppi"("Mirka Rantanen") -- drums
  • "Riffi Raffi" ("Nino Laurenne") -- guitar
  • "Muffi Puffi" ("Pasi Heikkilä") -- bass



Year Album Peak positions
2009 Jurahevin kuninkaat 5
2010 Hirmuliskojen yö 3
2011 Räyh! 2
Räyhällistä joulua 21
2012 Kadonneen louhikäärmeen arvoitus 1
2013 Vihreä vallankumous 10


Year Album Peak positions Album
2010 "Hirmuliskojen pikkujoululevy" 1
Other singles
  • 2009: "Jurahevin kuninkaat"
  • 2009: "Viimeinen mammutti"
  • 2010: "Saurusarmeija"
  • 2010: "Kurajuhlat"
  • 2011: "Räyh!"
  • 2011: "Tonttuheviä"
  • 2012: "Ugala bugala"


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