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Hexagon Comics is a syndicate of French, Italian and Spanish comic book writers and artists formed in early 2004, after French publisher Semic Comics decided to cancel its line of comic books.

Taking advantage of European copyright laws, these writers and artists got together, reclaimed the rights to the characters they had created for Editions Lug, Semic Comics' predecessor, and reorganized under the banner of Hexagon Comics. Among these are Zembla, Jed Puma, Drago, Dragut, Rakar, Baroud, Wampus, Jaleb, Jaydee, Homicron, Brigade Temporelle, C.L.A.S.H., Sibilla, Phenix, Starlock, Kabur and Waki.

Hexagon Comics, with Black Coat Press, is currently publishing a series of trade paperbacks that contain old and new comic book stories called The Hexagon Comics Library. Wampus, C.L.A.S.H. and Phenix were published in 2006; Kabur and Zembla in 2007; Homicron in 2008; Jaydee and Starlock in 2009.

In 2010, Hexagon Comics launched a series of bimonthly, 500-page trade paperbacks reprints in French, beginning with Wampus (2 vols.), then Homicron, Starlock, Tanka, Jaleb, Phenix (2 vols.), Kabur, Hexagon (3 vols.), etc. Also in 2010, Hexagon Comics partnered with Wanga Comics to relaunch Strangers.

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