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Hexamail Guard is a server based software antispam filter for the Windows and Linux platforms.
Acting as a gateway at the SMTP level or as a plugin for Microsoft Exchange Server, it supports most common anti spam filtering techniques including:

  • Bayesian pattern matching
  • Keyword/String/Expression
  • Header checks
  • DNS based blocklists
  • URL blocklists
  • Image analysis
  • Hosted image blocking
  • Sender analysis using neural network
  • Cloaking/Phishing detection
  • Challenge-Response
  • Blacklisting
  • User-configurable whitelists
  • Automatic Internet updates to blocking features
  • Honeypot Matching
  • Grey Listing
  • IP Location Detection (geolocation detection of clients)
  • Detection of Spam NDRs
  • Domain Keys
  • Sender Policy Framework
  • Optional antivirus scanning

In addition it supports external POP3 and IMAP account downloading and filtering, a spam quarantine with multiple options for processing including: listing, forwarding, blocking, marking/tagging and deletion. Users can review their own spam through a web-based quarantine view.

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