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This article is about the Swami song. For other songs with the same title, see Hey (disambiguation). For the television series, see Hey Hey It's Saturday. For the village in Iran, see Hey Hey, Iran.
"Hey Hey"
Single by Swami
from the album Equalize
Format CD, MP3
Genre Pop, Hip hop, Bhangra
Producer(s) DJ Swami
Swami chronology
"Hey Hey"

"Hey Hey" is the lead track from Swami's 2007 album, Equalize.

The song features vocals by Harlem-based R'n'B singer Boostylz, guest Punjabi vocalist Romesh Chohan, and was produced by DJ Swami.

As of Saturday 29 September, "Hey Hey" has been number 1 for 3 consecutive weeks on the BBC Asian Network chart,[1] and has been played over a million times on the band's MySpace page.[2]

The music video premiered in October 2007 on YouTube.[3]

"Hey Hey" is also the title of the fourth track on Superchick's 2008 album, Rock What You Got.

Alternate Versions & Remixes[edit]

  1. "Hey Hey" (English Version)
    • This mix removed Romesh Chohan's vocals and they were replaced with English lyrics by South African R'n'B singer Ishmael.
  2. "Hey Hey" (Video Version)
    • The mix of the song used in the music video contained the same Punjabi lyrics as the album version but sung by Swami vocalist Sups.
  3. "Hey Hey" (Tigerstyle Remix)
    • A remix of the song by Scottish bhangra DJ's Tigerstyle.


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