Heyran village, Astara

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Heyran (Persian: روستای حیران آستارا‎) is a set of three villages (Heyran-e Olya, Heyran-e Vosta, and Heyran-e Sofla; Upper-, Middle-, and Lower-Heyran respectively) in the northwest of Astara. The villages are located at a distance of 30 km from Astara County by the road from Astara to Ardabil. [1]

Winters are cold and snowy; summers are cool. Because of having a nice climate at summer time, many villas are built in the neighborhood area. The main road is totally overcrowded at weekends.

There is also a Gondola lift[2] at higher altitudes of village. Heyran is one of the most famous touristic sites in Iran regarding its beautiful and unique scenery.[3]

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Coordinates: 38°23′41″N 48°36′04″E / 38.3947°N 48.6011°E / 38.3947; 48.6011