Hiawatha Lake

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Hiawatha Lake
Location Syracuse, New York,
United States
Coordinates 43°01′33″N 76°10′07″W / 43.0258°N 76.1685°W / 43.0258; -76.1685Coordinates: 43°01′33″N 76°10′07″W / 43.0258°N 76.1685°W / 43.0258; -76.1685
Type artificial lake
Basin countries United States
Hiawatha Lake in its early days as a community swimming pool,1915.

Hiawatha Lake is a man-made lake originally created for use of swimming.

It is located in Syracuse, New York, in Onondaga Park on the city's South Side along Roberts Avenue.[1] Swimming was stopped because a series of accidental drownings in the 1970s. One side was filled back in and a modern swimming facility known as Onondaga Pool was built. It is still used for its picturesque quality and large gazebo. It often serves as a backdrop for prom and wedding photos. In the winter, the lake freezes and local children use it for pond hockey.

Hiawatha Lake in Onondaga Park, Syracuse, New York. Formerly called Wilkinson Reservoir, postcard 1910


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