Hibriten Mountain

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Hibriten Mountain
Hibriten Mountain-27527.jpg
Elevation 2,211 ft (674 m)[1]
Hibriten Mountain is located in North Carolina
Hibriten Mountain
Hibriten Mountain
Caldwell County, North Carolina, U.S.
Range Brushy Mountains
Coordinates 35°54′25″N 81°29′22″W / 35.90694°N 81.48944°W / 35.90694; -81.48944Coordinates: 35°54′25″N 81°29′22″W / 35.90694°N 81.48944°W / 35.90694; -81.48944[1]
Topo map USGS Kings Creek

Hibriten Mountain, located just east of Lenoir, North Carolina, marks the western end of the Brushy Mountains range. The mountain's summit is nearly 1,000 feet above the surrounding terrain. The summit is well known to the locals for its large welcome light which glows at night in the shape of a star in the weeks before Christmas and a cross before Easter.

A fire tower was erected at the summit in 1927. It is considered one of the most important fire towers in western North Carolina.[citation needed]

The star/cross light display at the peak was built in 1954. The star was first shown during the Christmas season of that year, and the cross was first shown during Easter of the following year.[citation needed]

Its geographic and symbolic importance to the area was demonstrated when, in 1966, a new high school was opened at the base of the peak. It was named Hibriten High School in honor of the mountain.