Hicks from the Sticks

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Hicks from the Sticks
Compilation album
Released April 1980
Genre New wave
Length 52:14
Label Rockburgh Records
Future Shock reissue cover (1994)

Hicks from the Sticks is a compilation album released in 1980. The album was the brainchild of music journalist Nigel Burnham who wanted to showcase the best new wave bands in the North of England.[1]

The album was reissued on the Thunderbolt label in 1985 as Future Shock.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Rockburgh Records LP: ROC 111[edit]

Side A
No. Title Performer Length
1. "Move in Rhythm"   Airkraft 3:00
2. "Sympathy (Don't Be Taken In)"   Expelaires 3:08
3. "You're Without Sound"   Clock DVA 3:18
4. "The Human Factor"   Music for Pleasure 2:06
5. "Shangri-La"   Nightmares in Wax 3:33
6. "Head in the Clouds"   Ada Wilson & Keeping Dark 3:20
7. "Choreography"   Modern Eon 2:40
8. "Them or Me"   Medium Medium 3:55
Total length:
Side B
No. Title Performer Length
1. "True Colours"   Radio 5 2:46
2. "When Have I Seen You"   They Must Be Russians 3:16
3. "After-Image"   Section 25 2:58
4. "Gimmik"   Art Failure 2:26
5. "I Don't Know"   I'm So Hollow 3:54
6. "Hey Disco Joe"   Wah! Heat 4:54
7. "Immortal in Mirrors"   Stranger Than Fiction 3:15
8. "T.V. ME"   The Distributors 3:45
Total length:

Thunderbolt 1985 reissue as Future Shock LP: THBL 012[edit]

Thunderbolt 1994 reissue as Future Shock CD: CDTB 012[edit]


  • Conceived, compiled and compilation produced by Nigel Burnham
  • Mastered by Mike Brown


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