Hieronim Radziejowski

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Hieronim Radziejowski
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Hieronim Radziejowski
Coat of arms Herb Junosza.jpg Junosza

Eufrozyna Eulalja Tarnowska

Elzbieta Sluszka (Kazanowska)
Noble family Radziejowski
Father Stanisław Radziejowski
Mother Katarzyna Sobieska
Born 1612
Died August 8, 1667
Adrianople, Turkey
Occupation politician and diplomat

Hieronim Radziejowski (1612—August 8, 1667) was a Polish noble, politician and diplomat, father of Michał Stefan Radziejowski.

He was starost of Sochaczew since 1643 and Deputy Chancellor of the Crown between 1650 and 1652. He also served as Marshal of the Sejm on November 13 - March 27, 1645 in Warsaw.[1]

He came into conflict with king Jan II Kazimierz Vasa when he found out that his wife, Elzbieta Sluszka was the Kings femme fatale. Radziejowski started to conspire against the King with the Ottoman Empire, and as a result was sentenced to infamy and banishment (exile) in 1652 by the Sejm Tribunal.[1] He left Poland for Sweden, and convinced the Swedish to attack the Commonwealth. In 1655, Radziejowski accompanied the Swedish forces during their invasion of Poland in the course of The Deluge.[1] He played an important role in persuading the pospolite ruszenie to surrender at Ujście.[1] In 1662 he was pardoned by the Sejm.[1] In 1667 he went on a diplomatic mission to the Ottoman Empire[1] and died there.