Hieronymous Francken III

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Carrying the Cross, 1650s

Hieronymous Francken (1611, Antwerp – 1671, Antwerp), was a Flemish Baroque painter and a well known member of the Francken family of artists.


According to the RKD he was the son of Frans Francken II and Elisabeth Placquet and painted in the family tradition of religious works and historical allegories.[1] He was the father of Constantijn Francken but he died before he could teach him to paint.[2]

Family tree[edit]

Nicolaes Francken 1515–1596
Hieronymous Francken I 1540–1610
Frans Francken I 1542–1616
Ambrosius Francken I 1544–1618
(Cornelius Francken)
Isabella Francken
Thomas Francken 1574–1625
Hieronymous Francken II 1578–1623
Frans Francken II 1581–1642
Ambrosius Francken II 1590–1632
Hans Francken 1581–after 1610
Frans Francken III 1607–1667
Hieronymous Francken III 1611–after 1661
Ambrosius Francken III 1614–1662
Constantijn Francken 1661–1717