Higashi-Koizumi Station

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Higashi-Koizumi Station

Higashi-Koizumi Station (東小泉駅) is a passenger-service station of Koizumi Line, which is operated by Tobu Railway company, located in Oizumi, Ōra District, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.


The first station was originally opened as the signal station of Koizumi Line operated by Tobu railway company in 1941 when the line was extended from Higashi-Koizumi Station to Ōta Station.

Neartest places[edit]

Nishi-oura High school

Preceding and following stations[edit]


Coordinates: 36°15′34″N 139°25′45″E / 36.25944°N 139.42917°E / 36.25944; 139.42917