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High Speed is a pinball game.

High Speed or high-speed may also refer to:

Air, flight, and flight research[edit]

Electronics, integrated circuits, and computer interfaces[edit]

  • High speed input (HSI) and High speed output (HSO), technology used in various microcontrollers such as the Intel MCS-96
  • High Speed Interconnect (HSI or HSI-Bridge), a chip from Nvidia corporation involving AGP and PCI Express
  • High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI), a differential ECL serial interface standard developed by Cisco Systems and T3plus Networking
  • VHSIC (Very High Speed Integrated Circuits), a 1980s U.S. government program to develop faster circuits

Internet and telecommunications[edit]

Machining and industrial[edit]


  • AGM-88 HARM, AGM-88 High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM), a military missile
  • High speed transport, converted destroyers and destroyer escorts used to support amphibious operations in World War II and afterward
  • M4 Tractor or M4 High-Speed Tractor, an artillery tractor used by the US Army from 1943



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Specific Projects[edit]


Music, books, and entertainment[edit]

See also[edit]

  • InterCity 125, the brand name of British Rail's High Speed Train fleet
  • TGV (train à grande vitesse), French for high-speed train