High-speed rail in Indonesia

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The idea of high-speed rail backed by funding (soft loans) has been proposed by JICA for the Indonesian island of Java, linking up the densely populated corridor from the capital Jakarta to Surabaya (730 km). The island, like pre-HSR Honshu, suffers greatly from both freight and passenger congestion.[1] The idea has been around for some years, however, a new proposal to divide the project into stages has emerged, with the first stage from Jakarta to Bandung, 150 km to under one hour, from current conventional train time of 3 hours at a price of 50 trillion rupiah. The JICA detailed feasibility study will be finished in 2014, following up on an initial study in 2012.future shinkansen train from Jakarta to Bandung to Route That Shinkansen 500 Series.

Indonesia has been undergoing a revival in railway expansion and upgrades in recent years. High-speed corridors have been proposed but not implemented.


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