High Beam (Transformers)

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High Beam
Sub-group Go-Bots
Alternate Modes Car
Series Transformers: Generation 2

High Beam is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a heroic Autobot (and later Maximal) who turns into a car.

Transformers: Generation 2[edit]

High Beam was inproduced in the Generation 2 series of Transformers, as a member of the Gobots sub-line. High Beam is later upgraded to become a Maximal and a member of the Max Cops.[1]

Fun Publications[edit]

High Beam's sole appearance in the Transformers franchise is among the Generation 2 Autobots on Earth in the 2010 Botcon story Generation 2: Redux.[2]


  • Generation 2 Go-Bot High Beam (1995)
A new mold.[3][4]


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