High Mountain Rangers

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High Mountain Rangers
Genre Action
Created by Robert Conrad
David J. Kinghorn
Directed by Joan Conrad
Robert Conrad
Starring Robert Conrad
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Original channel CBS
Original run 2 January 1988 – 9 April 1988

High Mountain Rangers was a weekly television series about a group of highly trained wilderness search and rescue/law enforcement officers in Tahoe, Nevada.

It starred Robert Conrad as Jesse Hawkes and also starred his two sons, Christian Conrad and Shane Conrad. Robert's daughter Joan was the executive producer. Only 12 episodes were broadcast, from January 2, 1988 until April 9, 1988 on CBS, before the low-rated show was cancelled (due to fierce competition from NBC's The Facts of Life and 227). Although the series lasted just one season, it had a spin-off titled Jesse Hawkes. That show was canceled after only six episodes.

List of episodes[edit]

Episode titles, synopses and original broadcast dates:

1. The Only Place To Live - January 2, 1988

2. Old Friends, New Friends - January 9, 1988

3. Accused Of Murder - January 16, 1988

Jesse stands trial for the killing of his longtime arch-nemesis T.J. Cousins.

4. The Washout - January 23, 1988

An old rival from Matt's HMR training days reappears to settle a score.

5. Cross-Sierra Blizzard - January 30, 1988

A snowstorm complicates a high-profile race.

6. The Ambassador's Honeymoon - February 6, 1988

The HMRs must bodyguard newlywed VIPs.

7. The Bear - February 13, 1988

Deaf children are stalked by the title animal.

8. Sacred Ground - February 20, 1988

9. Jesse The Hunted - February 27, 1988

Jesse is wounded by drunken hunters.

10. A Skier's Defection - March 5, 1988

A Russian athlete seeks a shortcut on the long road to American citizenship.

11. Happy Anniversary - March 23, 1988

An avalanche traps Matt with some skiers.

12. Wargames - April 9, 1988

Jesse and Cody are pinned down when a family paintball tournament is taken too far.


Recurring cast[edit]

Series pilot[edit]

Ex-Marine Jesse Hawkes started the High Mountain Rangers 35 years ago. He retired after hauling his long-time nemesis, murderous criminal mastermind T.J. Cousins, to justice. Spared the death penalty on a legal technicality, Cousins instead was given life imprisonment without eligibility for parole. Meanwhile, Jesse's eldest son Matt tries out for the HMRs and eventually becomes the team's #2 Ranger...after Merlin, who has succeeded Jesse as director. Then Cousins gets broken out of jail by his hoods, and fatally ambushes Merlin. Now, as the team's third director, Matt urges his father out of retirement to help the Rangers recapture Cousins.

Theme song[edit]

(performed by Lee Greenwood)

In the mountains, where life's always hard

Far away from the neon backyard

Where a man who was strong came to stay

Making peace with the earth, finding love on the way

He survives

'Cause he's a High Mountain Ranger

Just a man who ties his dreams to the land

And though there's times that are lonely, he won't ever go

No life within him, in the city below

Not for the High Mountain Ranger

With all that he loves by his side

And his world is rich, its beauty is free

Reaching out as far as you see

And for a High Mountain Ranger, all this is home.

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