High Risk (1981 film)

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High Risk
Directed by Stewart Raffill
Produced by Anuar Badin (producer)
Luigi Cingolani (associate producer)
John Daly (executive producer)
Gerald Green (producer)
Joseph Raffill (producer)
Written by Stewart Raffill (writer)
Starring See below
Music by Mark Snow
Cinematography Álex Phillips Jr.
Edited by Tom Walls
Running time 94 minutes
90 minutes (Argentina video)
Country USA, Mexico, UK
Language English

High Risk is a 1981 American/Mexican/UK adventure/heist film directed by Stewart Raffill and stars James Brolin, Lindsay Wagner, Cleavon Little, James Coburn, Ernest Borgnine and Anthony Quinn.[1]


Stone [Brolin] drives to collect his three friends Tony, Dan and Rockney for a fishing trip. In a period of economic gloom, with at least one of the men unemployed, in reality they are going to an undisclosed Central or Latin American country to rob a drug baron.

The group first meets up with Clint, who supplies them with weapons and some target practice. It becomes clear that with the exception of Stone, the men have no military or weapons training and are not taking the heist seriously.

After the target practice, the team is flown to a jungle where the target is Serrano, a psychotic drug lord who lives in a large villa. The group observes Serrano with his staff and various (presumably corrupt) officials from their vantage point. They discuss whether or not they would have the courage to use the weapons to kill someone and what they will do with their share of the cash once they get back home.

After entering the villa, they successfully manage to rob Serrano of around $5 million (approximately $18m in today’s money) but not before they had to bring along both Serrano and his woman to discover the safe's combination. They escape from the villa on foot, eventually buying some horses from a local peasant, and hide in some nearby woods.

Thinking that they have got away with it, the men camp for the night to celebrate, unaware that they are being observed by a rebel tracker from some distance.

The next morning they awaken to the sight of Serrano’s men and the military pursuing the team using 4-wheel drives and horses. They hurriedly escape again, but Tony and Rockney are caught and brought to Serrano.

Stone and Dan are still free but have to continue on foot and barely escape the military pursuers, having been shot off a very high rope bridge.

Serrano orders the beating of Rockney so that Danny will agree to reveal the location of money. To stop Rockney being killed (knowing that Stone had picked up his share of the cash), Danny agrees to show them the location of the money, thinking they have a better chance of escape out in the open.

They are brought to a prison where they meet Olivia, who is being held in the next cell on trumped-up charges. Danny manages to persuade a passing child with the use of his Spanish and bribery to get the child to use a tow truck to pull the bars off the wall in a classic prison break. Their success in escaping comes at the cost of their clothes, as the child demanded more than the watch that was originally offered. When they escape, they are pursued virtually naked through the town, eventually losing their pursuers in a bordello.

Having acquired some ladies' clothes, the pair make their way to a bus station and see Olivia, who has had the same idea. Together, they make their way to the rendezvous point.

In the meantime Dan and Stone are tracked and captured by a local rebel leader, General Mariano [Anthony Quinn] who has his own plans for the money. They manage to escape and then turn the tables on the rebels by tracking them until night fall. They retrieve the cash, killing a number of the rebels in doing so.

They continue to be pursued by the rebels to the rendezvous point, where they wait for the pilots to return and pick them up. The rebels follow and Dan is wounded by Marianno’s tracker. In the ensuing fire fight, Tony is shot trying to save Stone.

The group makes its way to the air strip without Tony, thinking he is dead. Serrano’s well-armed mercenaries have tracked them to the airstrip and a three-way gun battle ensues. The team's plane arrives and the pilots give air cover from their DC-3, scattering Serrano’s men, who by this time had subdued the rebels. They land and the whole team boarsd the plane (including Danny who was only wounded) and manages to escape. The men celebrate their success on the plane when the engine starts to stall....




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