High School Musical: Get in the Picture

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High School Musical: Get in the Picture
High School Musical: Get in the Picture print advertisement, made by BLT & Associates
Format Sing/Dance/Reality Show
Created by BBC Worldwide
Starring Sammi Hanratty
Madeline Carroll
Vanessa Hudgens
Ashley Tisdale
Monique Coleman
Composer(s) Jeff Lippencott and Mark T. Williams, Ah2 Music
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 11
Executive producer(s) John Hesling
Production company(s) The Jay & Tony Show
Original channel ABC
Original run July 20 – September 8, 2008 (2008-09-08)

High School Musical: Get in the Picture was a reality-based TV series, which debuted July 20, 2008 on the television channel ABC. Stan Carrizosa was named the winner on September 8, 2008. Tierney Chamberlain was the runner-up.[1]

The series was an spin-off of the popular Disney High School Musical franchise. Nick Lachey is the series host. The Faculty were Jen Malenke, Regina Williams, Tiana Brown, Rob Adler, Chris Prinzo, and Montre Burton. Guest appearances and finale judging by Kenny Ortega. The show conducted a nationwide talent hunt followed by a group of contestants undergoing training to hone their skills.[2]

Grand Prize[edit]

A record contract with Disney, and a music video to an original song, "Just Gettin' Started" to be shown during the credits of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. The contestants who did not advance were forced to go into the Chorus. However, the Chorus stayed on the show and were allowed to be backup singers/dancers in the music video.

Taping locations[edit]

Get in the Picture was taped at Murray High School in Murray, Utah.[3] Murray High School was the venue used for the auditorium scene of High School Musical, as well as other films Read It and Weep, Take Down, and Minutemen.[4] It is also the high school of American Idol runner-up David Archuleta.[5] Taping also took place at a Kmart store in Draper, Utah. The finale was taped at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California.


While the franchise may have had a built-in audience, the Nielsen ratings were surprisingly low, and the show was considered a major disappointment for the summer 2008 season by the entertainment media.[6] Besides being topped by reruns of sitcoms on CBS and Deal or No Deal encores along with the 2008 Summer Olympics on NBC, and many weeks by various repeats from Fox, the series was also constantly outrated in the 18-49 demo by the Spanish language telenovela Al Diablo con los Guapos on Univision; the telenovela beat HSM: Get in the Picture on five consecutive Mondays (August 11 through September 8) in the overall ratings those weeks.

Additionally in August, in markets where a pre-season edition of NFL Monday Night Football on ESPN aired over a broadcast station, the show was either pre-empted or delayed until a later time or date on the local ABC affiliate (which is usually the default station which takes ESPN simulcasts). The finale also suffered the same fate on September 8 within the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Green Bay & Milwaukee markets for the early portion of the Monday Night Football regular season premiere doubleheader.

Top 12 Contestants[edit]

Name Hometown Status
Stan Carrizosa Visalia, California Winner
Tierney Chamberlain Madison, Wisconsin 2nd Place
Isaiah Smith Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 3rd Place
Christina Brown Nanakuli, Hawaii 4th Place
James Wolpert Strasburg, Pennsylvania Chorus
TJ Wilkins Los Angeles, California Chorus
Shayna Goldstein Denver, Colorado Chorus
Bailey Purvis Baton Rouge, Louisiana Chorus
Ether Saure Lincoln, Nebraska Chorus
Anthony Acito Quincy, Massachusetts Chorus
Christie Brooke Ka'a'awa, Hawaii Chorus
Briana Vega Winter Springs, Florida Chorus
Tony, John, Jessalyn, Ciara, Sean, Britney, Madison, and Lauren* Unknown OUT

*Tony, John, Jessalyn, Ciara, Sean, Britney, Madison and Lauren were eliminated in the semi-finals, so no further information on them was released, including their last names and their hometown. Also, since they were eliminated in the semi-finals, unlike the other eliminated contestants, were not sent to the chorus, instead just sent home.


Eastern Finals

Song "Torn"
Artist Natalie Imbruglia
Performers James and Tierney
Song "Leave the Pieces"
Artist The Wreckers
Performers Briana and Tony
Song "I Want It That Way"
Artist The Backstreet Boys
Performers Bailey and John
Song " Bubbly"
Artist Colbie Caillat
Performers Anthony and Jessalyn
Song "Change the World"
Artist Eric Clapton
Performers Isaiah and Ciara

Eliminated : Ciara, Jessalyn, John, and Tony

Western Finals

Song "Everything"
Artist Michael Buble
Performers Stan and Christina
Song "You'll Think of Me"
Artist Keith Urban
Performers Shayna and TJ
Song "Hold My Hand"
Artist Hootie and the Blowfish
Performers Ether and Lauren
Song "Vacation"
Artist Go-Go's
Performers Christie and Madison
Song "Inside Out"
Artist Eve 6
Performers Britney and Sean

Eliminated : Sean, Britney, Madison, and Lauren

Top 12

Song "Unwritten"
Artist Natasha Bedingfield
Performers Tierney, Stan, and Isaiah
Song "There's Always Someone Cooler Than You"
Artist Ben Folds
Performers Bailey, Anthony, and Christie
Song "The Remedy"
Artist Jason Mraz
Performers Ether, Shayna, and James
Song "Man in the Mirror"
Artist Michael Jackson
Performers TJ, Christina, and Briana

Send to the chorus : Christie and Briana
Best Performer : Tierney

Top 10

Song "Bleeding Love"
Artist Leona Lewis
Performers James and Bailey
Song "Austin"
Artist Blake Shelton
Performers Shayna and Stan
Song "Boston"
Artist Augustana
Performers Isaiah and Christina
Song "I Don't Wanna Be"
Artist Gavin DeGraw
Performers TJ and Anthony
Song "One Year, Six Months"
Artist Yellowcard
Performers Tierney and Ether

Send to chorus : Anthony and Ether
Best Performer: Isaiah

Top 8

Song "Welcome to My Life" and "It's All Been Done"
Artist Simple Plan and Barenaked Ladies
Performers James, Christina, Tierney, Isaiah, TJ, Stan, Shayna, and Bailey

Send to chorus : Shayna and Bailey
Best Performer: Tierney

Top 6

Song TV Themes Medley: "One Day at a Time" / "Mary Tyler Moore" / "Greatest American Hero" / "Cheers"
Artist Various
Performers James, Christina, Tierney, Isaiah, TJ, and Stan

Send to chorus : TJ
Best Performer: Christina

Top 5

Song Songs from the 1980s Medley: "Holding Out for a Hero" / "We Belong" / "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" / "It Must Be Love" / "Jessie's Girl" / "Never Gonna Give You Up"
Artist Bonnie Tyler / Pat Benatar / The Police / Madness / Rick Springfield / Rick Astley
Performers James, Christina, Tierney, Isaiah, and Stan

Send to chorus : James
Best Performer: Isaiah

Top 4

Song High School Musical Medley: "Breakin' Free" / "Work This Out" / "We're All in This Together" / "You are the Music in Me"
Artist High School Musical 1 & 2
Performers Christina, Tierney, Stan, and Isaiah

Send to chorus : Christina
Best Performer: not announced (but Stan's name was read first)

Top 3

Song "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
Artist Aerosmith
Performers Stan
Song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Artist Judy Garland (Wizard of Oz)
Performers Tierney
Song "Live Like You Were Dying"
Artist Tim McGraw
Performers Isaiah

Send to chorus : Isaiah
Best Performer: not announced (but Tierney's name was read first)

Top 2

Song "Just Getting Started"
Artist High School Musical 3 Soundtrack
Performers Stan and Tierney

Send to chorus : Tierney
Best Performer: Stan (WINNER!)

Voted Most Growth during competition by contestants: Anthony (Won a Special Finale Performance)

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