High Steaks

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High Steaks
Tom and Jerry series
Title Card
Directed by Gene Deitch
Produced by William L. Snyder
Story by Larz Bourne
Voices by Allen Swift
Music by Štěpán Koniczek (uncredited)
Animation by Wáclaw Bedřicz
Studio Rembrandt Films
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s) United States January 1962
Color process Metrocolor
Running time 6:21
Language English
Preceded by It's Greek to Me-ow!
Followed by Mouse into Space

High Steaks is a 1961 cartoon directed by Gene Deitch and produced by William L. Snyder, released in early 1962. The cartoon was the fourth of thirteen cartoons made in Czechoslovakia after original creators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera had left MGM to work for television. The title is a pun on the phrase "High stakes".


One summer day, the master is preparing to grill some steaks, and Tom can't wait to get some. Jerry also gets hungry for some steaks and runs out of the basement to get to them, but Tom manages to stop him but trapping him with a fork. Tom then flings Jerry back into the basement, angering him, and Jerry brings out his own fork to poke Tom with. The two then engage in a fencing match with their forks; Tom tries to poke Jerry with his fork, but misses and instead stabs his master in the butt with it. The master gets upset with this and clasps Tom's head with a meat cage, burning and flattening his it.

Later, Jerry tries to disguise himself under a shuttlecock, but Tom catches him and promptly hits him with a racket, but the shuttlecock bounces against the net and ricochets into the master's mouth. In retaliation, he grabs the racket and breaks it over Tom's head. Afterward, Jerry shakes up a bottle of Kooky Kola and prepares to open the carbonated drink. Tom tries to stop Jerry, but it's too late. The drink erupts from the bottle and hits one of the master's steaks, causing it to go limp and rotten. This make the master really mad, so he shakes up another soda bottle and force-feeds it to Tom, causing his body to shake and take up the shape of a bottle. Jerry laughs at Tom's predicament, and the cat once again give chase.

While searching tor Jerry, Tom gets enamored with the aroma of the steam and goes to get a fork to take it off the grill. Jerry, who his hiding behind the grill, places Tom's tail into the grill, causing Tom to scream and run around wildly with the grill in tow. In the process, he runs over the table where the master is eating a steak, angering him once again, and Tom eventually lands in the pool. The irate master fishes him out and then brutally beats him up while Jerry watches. The master finally ties Tom to a lawn chair to keep him out of trouble, and Jerry then wheels the chair to a stopped car. He attaches it to the car, which then drives away with the chair and, with it, Tom. The film ends with the master back to grilling in peace, while Jerry climbs up onto the table and eats a steak.

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