High Time (MC5 album)

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High Time
Studio album by MC5
Released July 6, 1971
Recorded September–October 1970 at Artie Fields Studios, Detroit; Lansdowne Studios & Pye Studios, London
Genre Protopunk, hard rock
Length 41:56
Label Atlantic
Producer Geoffrey Haslam, MC5
MC5 chronology
Back in the USA
High Time
Babes in Arms

High Time was the third and final album released by the protopunk band MC5, released in 1971. It was co-produced by the band and Atlantic Records staff engineer Geoffrey Haslam. After losing money on this and the group's previous album, Atlantic dropped the group, which broke up not long afterwards.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars link
Robert Christgau B+ link
Rolling Stone (mixed) link
Sputnikmusic 5/5 stars link

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sister Anne" (Fred "Sonic" Smith) – 7:23
  2. "Baby Won't Ya" (Smith) – 5:32
  3. "Miss X" (Wayne Kramer) – 5:08
  4. "Gotta Keep Movin'" (Dennis Thompson) – 3:24
  5. "Future/Now" (Rob Tyner) – 6:21
  6. "Poison" (Kramer) – 3:24
  7. "Over and Over" (Smith) – 5:13
  8. "Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)" (Smith) – 5:31


  • Michael Davis – bass & vocals with ka on "Over and Over"
  • Wayne Kramer – guitar & vocals with piano on "Baby Won't Ya" and "Miss X"
  • Fred "Sonic" Smith – guitar & vocals with harmonica on "Sister Anne", organ on "Sister Anne", sandpaper on "Baby Won't Ya"
  • Dennis Thompson – drums with vocals on "Sister Anne", tambourine on "Sister Anne", "Baby Won't Ya" and "Over and Over", reen on "Baby Won't Ya" and "Future/Now", tamboes on "Gotta Keep Movin", acme scraper on "Future/Now", percussion on "Skunk"
  • Rob Tyner – vocals with harmonica on "Sister Anne", maracas on "Sister Anne", rockas on "Baby Won't Ya", castanets on "Poison", conga on "Skunk"

Other personnel[edit]

  • Pete Kelly – piano on "Sister Anne"
  • Dan Bullock – trombone on "Skunk"
  • Ellis Dee – percussion on "Skunk"
  • Bobby Wayne Derminer – wizzer on "Future/Now"
  • Marlene Driscoll – vocals on "Sister Anne"
  • Rick Ferretti – trumpet on "Skunk"
  • Dave Heller – percussion on "Skunk"
  • Leon Henderson – tenor saxophone on "Skunk"
  • Joanne Hill – vocals on "Sister Anne"
  • Larry Horton – trombone on "Sister Anne"
  • Skip Knapp – organ on "Miss X"
  • Brenda Knight – vocals on "Sister Anne"
  • Kinki Lepew – percussion on "Gotta Keep Movin"
  • Charles Moore – flugelhorn & vocals on "Sister Anne"
  • Dr. Dave Morgan – percussion on "Skunk"
  • Scott Morgan – percussion on "Skunk"
  • Butch O'Brien – bass drum on "Sister Anne"
  • David Oversteak – tuba on "Sister Anne"
  • Bob Seger – percussion on "Skunk"