High density storage

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Not to be confused with High-density storage media
The red items in the background are high density storage units. They can be moved by turning the black wheels

High density storage is a form of physical storage achieved by removing the isles from between storage units and incorporating a system for making the units mobile. When access is required between units, units on either side are moved to provide an isle at the point where retrieval is needed.

An example of High Density Storage is a system of shelves which are rail mounted and pushed together to create a more compact unit with no isles. Only the first and last shelves are accessible until the units are separated to create an isle at another point.

Mobile storage units can be mounted on rails for quick movement. They can also be motorised individually or collectively. In some cases, the units can be connected to a fire alarm system to automatically close the units in the event of a fire to protect their contents.