Highbrow Entertainment

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Highbrow Entertainment
Parent company Image Comics (technically a sister company)
Founder Erik Larsen
Key people Erik Larsen
Josh Eichorn
Gary Carlson
Frank Fosco
Joe Keatinge
Al Gordon
Official website www.savagedragon.com

Highbrow Entertainment is Erik Larsen's publishing imprint at Image Comics.

Published titles[edit]

In the past Highbrow produced such comic book titles as the The Savage Dragon, Freak Force, Vanguard, Deadly Duo, and Superpatriot. Currently Highbrow publishes The Savage Dragon and the occasional miniseries, as Larsen decided to showcase all of his characters under a single title rather than maintain several at once.[citation needed]

List of publications[edit]

  • Freak Force (1993–1995)
    • Freak Force vol. 2 (1997)
  • Savage Dragon (1992)
    • Savage Dragon vol. 2 (1993 – ongoing)
  • Savage Dragon: God War (2004–2005)
  • Star (1995)
  • SuperPatriot (1993)
  • SuperPatriot: War on Terror (2004–2005)

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