Higher-Order Perl

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Higher-Order Perl
Higher-Order Perl front cover 2005.jpg
The cover of Higher-Order Perl
Author Mark Jason Dominus
Cover artist Yvo Riezebos
Country USA
Language English
Subject Computer programming, Perl
Publisher Morgan Kaufmann
Publication date
Media type print
Pages 600
ISBN 1-55860-701-3
OCLC 56086063
005.13/3 22
LC Class QA76.73.P22 D56 2005

Higher-Order Perl: Transforming Programs with Programs (ISBN 1-55860-701-3), is a book about the Perl programming language written by Mark Jason Dominus with the goal to teach Perl programmers with a strong C and Unix background how to use techniques with roots in functional programming languages like Lisp that are available in Perl as well, but less known. The book is often referred to as HOP. The provisional title of HOP was Perl Advanced Techniques Handbook.

In June 2013, a Chinese-language edition was published by China Machine Press.[1]

The author has made the full text of HOP available in a derivative of Plain Old Documentation (POD) named MOD, and in PDF.


  1. Recursion and callbacks
  2. Dispatch tables
  3. Caching and memoization
  4. Iterators
  5. From recursion to iterators
  6. Infinite streams
  7. Higher-order functions and currying
  8. Parsing
  9. Declarative programming


The book Higher Order Perl (2005)[2][3] was described as "absolutely great" by Linux Insight.[4] Unix Review said it "should have a place on the bookshelf of every Perl programmer".[5]


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