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For the secondary school in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, see The Highfield School.
Highfield School
Type Primary
Religion Church of England
Location Hawthorn Road

SO17 1PX
Local authority Southampton
DfE URN 116395
Gender Coeducational
Ages 4–11
Website highfieldceprimaryschool.co.uk

Highfield School is a Church of England primary School located in the Highfield district of Southampton.


Stephen Ram of Ramford, County Wexford was a resident of Portswood Lodge (later Portswood House) in Highfield.[1] Part of his estate included Small Gains Field which bordered Back Lane (now Church Lane). A deed of covenant from 1846 stated that he:

granted and conveyed two perches of land out of a piece named Small Gains Field and facing Back Lane to the minister and churchwardens of South Stoneham and their successors for a school for the education of children in the labouring, manufacturing and other poorer classes in the parish of South Stoneham and as a residence for the schoolmaster or schoolmistress.[1]

The school was opened in 1849, with a building to house the schoolmaster and one classroom.[1] As Highfield grew and became an independent parish in its own right, additional classrooms were added. A report in a Victorial logbook of 1869 stated that the school was "short" due to haymaking.[1] The school was originally funded through subscriptions and government grants in a system known as "school pence".[1]

In 1970, juniors from the school marched from the Church Lane premises to a new school building in Hawthorn Road, designed by architect Colin Hewett. The infants, who were at that stage taught in temporary huts on Southampton Common, were moved into the Church Lane buildings.[1]


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