Highgate Springs–St. Armand/Philipsburg Border Crossing

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Highgate Springs-St. Armand/Philipsburg Border Crossing
Highgate Springs border station.jpg
US Border Inspection Station at Highgate Springs, Vermont
Country United States; Canada

US Port: Interstate 89, Highgate Springs, Vermont 05460

Canadian Port: 10 Route 133, Saint-Armand, Quebec J0J 1T0
Coordinates 45°00′56″N 73°05′05″W / 45.015484°N 73.084606°W / 45.015484; -73.084606
Opened 1842
US Phone (802) 868-2778
Canadian Phone (514) 248-4313
Hours Open 24 Hours

The Highgate Springs–St. Armand/Philipsburg Border Crossing connects the towns of Philipsburg, Quebec with Highgate Springs, Vermont. It is also the terminus of Interstate 89 and Quebec Route 133. Even before construction of the 4-lane highway, this crossing was on the primary route between Montreal and Boston, MA, because it was where US Route 7 crossed into Canada.

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