Highland Chatino

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Highland Chatino
Sierra Chatino
Native to Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Native speakers
27,000  (2000)[1]
Oto-Manguean (MP)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
ctp – Western Highland
cly – Eastern Highland (Lachao-Yolotepec)
cya – Nopala

Highland Chatino is an indigenous Mesoamerican language, one of the Chatino family of the Oto-Manguean languages. Dialects are rather diverse; Ethnologue 16 counts them as three languages as follows:

  • Eastern Highland Chatino (Lachao-Yolotepec dialect)
  • Western Chatino (Yaitepec, Panixtlahuaca, and Quiahije dialects)
  • Nopala Chatino

Neighboring dialects between the three groups are about 80% mutually intelligible; diversity among the three Western dialects is almost as great.

For phonological and grammatical details, see Chatino languages, which includes examples from Yaitepec dialect.


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