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The Highland Mills Fire Company was formed in 1890 in the town of Woodbury, Orange County, New York, United States and is currently joined with Central Valley Fire Company to form the Woodbury Fire Department.[1] The company responds with both engine and ladder apparatus. Central Valley is the rescue company, and responds with a rescue to almost all incidents within the town of Woodbury. The Central Valley Station houses Rescue 504, Engine 502, Brush Truck 505, and UTV 501.


Their oldest piece of apparatus is a 1999 Spartan/Smeal tanker with the apparatus number 522. It has a 10-man cab, a 2000 gallon (7,500 L) water tank, a 1250 gpm (80 L/s) pump, and a portable tank. This is the first responding piece of apparatus for the company to a large-scale tractor trailer fire and any structural fire where no water hydrants are present.

Ladder 503, acquired from the Central Valley Fire Company in 2004, is a 2001 Spartan Gladiator/Smeal. This truck replaced an older E-One Ladder Truck from the mid-1980s. It has a 75-foot (23 m) rear-mount aerial ladder, a 1500 gpm (95 L/s) pump, 400-US-gallon (1,500 L) tank, and a 6-man cab. It is first due for most commercial structural incidents. In the past, there has been tension on which fire company should have possession of this unit. This truck was taken to Highland Mills because the chiefs of the Woodbury Fire Department stated that the Central Valley Fire Company couldn't man both a rescue truck and a ladder truck at the same time.

The newest edition to is Squad 25, it is a Spartan/Smeal that arrived in April 2008, replacing a 1990 Pierce. It has an 8-man cab, a 1500 gpm (95 L/s) pump, a 1,000-US-gallon (3,800 L) water tank, and an 8 kilowatt PTO generator. Squad 25 is first engine responding to residential structural fires, accidents, and car fires.

In November 2009 the company received a 2009 Ford F-350 superduty, gasoline engine, with a 6-foot (1.8 m) bed. The vehicle will be dubbed 524 and shall be used mainly for fire police services, personal transport, brush fires, and water pump outs.

The antique of the Highland Mills Fire Company is a 1964 Mack B-Model Engine with a 707 C.I. gasoline engine, a 750 G.P.M. and a 500-US-gallon (1,900 L) tank. E-523 was fully restored in the year of 2006 and won best antique in the 2008 Orange County Volunteer Fireman's Association parade.