Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods

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Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods
Highlander The Last of the MacLeods Box Art.jpg
Developer(s) Lore Design Limited
Publisher(s) Atari
Platform(s) Atari Jaguar CD
Release date(s) October 30, 1995
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Mode(s) Single player
Distribution CD-ROM

Highlander: The Last of the Macleods is a video game developed by Lore Design Limited and published by Atari for the Atari Jaguar CD-ROM home console system.[1] It was released on October 30, 1995.[2] The video game is based on Highlander: The Animated Series and was given the now defunct "Kids To Adults" (6+) rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.[1][2]


The player controls Quentin MacLeod, the young Immortal on a quest to defeat the evil Kortan who has murdered his mother and kidnapped the people of his village.[1][2] The gameplay is similar to that of Alone in the Dark or Resident Evil in that the player character moves through a world of pre-rendered 3D environments (viewed from many fixed camera angles), battles monsters, collects items, and solves puzzles. The game used motion capture in the character animation.[2][3] The game features clips from the Highlander animated series to move the storyline along.[1][2]


The game used the same Toronto based voice actors from the animated series the game was based on:

  • Miklos Perlos as Quentin MacLeod
  • Ben Campbell as Ramirez
  • Lawrence Bayne as Kortan
  • Katie Zegers as Clyde
  • Don Dickinson as Arak
  • Lorne Kennedy as Malone
  • Graham Halley as Mangus
  • Wayne Robson as Esklepios
  • Tracy Moore as Quentin's Mother
  • Cal Dodd as Mangus' Aid
  • Harvey Aitkin as Hunters

Developers [4][edit]

  • Director: Stephen Mitchell
  • Producer: Ted Tahquechi
  • Designers: Jeffrey Gatrall, David Bottomley, Stephen Wadsworth
  • 3D Engine: Andrew Harris, Magenta Software Ltd
  • Character Model Artist: Paul Johnson, Magenta Software Ltd
  • Project Manager: Andree Rickard
  • Project Coordinator: Mark A C Green
  • Lead Programmer: Andrew Harris, Magenta Software Ltd
  • Jaguar Programmers: Robert C Dibley, Jakes Mo
  • Tools Programmers: Matthew Jesson, Chris Lowe
  • Artists: Dave Worton, Stephen Wadsworth, Kev Connolly, Paul Charisse, David J Harper
  • Motion Analysis: Carl Swanick, Mark A C Green
  • Cinepak: David Bottomley, Jakes Mo, Dave Worton, Kev Connolly, Paul Charisse


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