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Highlands Sanctuary, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is seeking to build a major chain of nature preserves in south-central Ohio, on the western fringe of the Allegheny Plateau, known as the Arc of Appalachia in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy. The oldest and core component of the project is Highlands Nature Sanctuary in Highland County, Ohio and includes Seven Caves, an historic tourist attraction.

The component of The Nature Conservancy is in adjacent Adams County and is named The Edge of Appalachia.[1]

The Highlands Sanctuary organization has been designated by the Ohio Historical Society as the managers and operators of two Ohio state memorials, Serpent Mound and Fort Hill State Memorial.[2][3][4] .

Highlands Sanctuary currently administers almost 5,000 acres in six counties of Ohio, including the 1,324 acres of Fort Hill.



Preserves in the Arc of Appalachia system owned by Highlands Sanctuary [5]


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