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Highlight (and highlights, highlighting, hilite, etc.) may refer to:

  • In art (including photography, painting, drawing, and digital compositions), any of the brightest parts of a subject, in contrast to shadow
  • An especially significant or interesting detail or occurrence of something larger (e.g. highlights of a football game or the highlight of a dramatic role)
  • In computing, to select on-screen information as for a cut, copy and paste
  • Specular highlight, a spot of light that appears on shiny objects when illuminated by a direct light source
  • Hair highlighting, lightening and/or coloring part of someone's hair
  • Syntax highlighting, display of text in different colors and/or fonts, depending upon its meaning in context (e.g. different parts of speech in a sentence, or function vs. variables names in computer source code)
  • To use a highlighter, a marker pen that adds translucent color to paper, to emphasize particular parts of the text