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Highway Patrol
Genre Factual
Starring Victoria Police
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 60
Location(s) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Running time 30 Mins
Production company(s) Greenstone TV
Original channel Network Seven
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Audio format Stereo
Original airing September 2009 (2009-09)
Related shows Motorway Patrol
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[Highway Patrol Website]
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Highway Patrol is an Australian factual television series screened on the Seven Network that premiered on 21 September 2009. The seventh season will go to air sometime this year.

About the show[edit]

Highway Patrol follows members of the Victoria Police Highway Patrol (formerly the Traffic Management Unit) as they intercept traffic and other criminal offenders on major highways in Victoria, Australia.

The show depicts the police involved in high-speed police chases, attending major road accidents, confronting out-of-control drunk drivers as well as issuing lesser penalty notices to drivers.[1] Each episode follows the progress of a select few incidents involving various Highway Patrol officers, from the first encounter by the officers through to the officers leaving the scene, with the exception that occasionally the officers will escort a driver back to a police station for the purpose of a breath or blood sample. Fines, court convictions and demerit points issued in relation to each incident are shown in a voiced-over addendum at the end.

Highway Patrol is produced by Greenstone TV, makers of New Zealand's Motorway Patrol with the co-operation of Victoria Police,[2][3] and predominately airs in Australia on the Seven Network, but is also screened in New Zealand on TV2, Denmark on Canal 9, Norway on Canal 9 and the United Kingdom on ITV4 and Pick.


The First Season of Highway Patrol went to air in September 2009. A second season of Highway Patrol was announced by Channel Seven on 18 November 2009. It premiered 2 February 2010.

A seventh season of Highway Patrol was announced on the show's official website on 13 July 2014. On 9 December 2014, Victoria Police announced on their official Facebook page that season eight had started filming and would air sometime in 2016. On 15 December 2014, series producer Mary Durham announced that season 7 would consist of 10 brand new episodes and would air sometime in 2015.

Main cast[edit]

Officer Rank Tenure Episodes
Mick McCrann Sergeant 2009–2013 Unknown
Megan De Winne Senior Constable 2009–2010 Unknown
Heather Allen Leading Senior Constable 2011-Present 7
Ashley Bowden Sergeant 2010–Present Unknown
Russell Warner Senior Constable 2013–Present Unknown
Meredith Grisold Senior Constable 2013–Present Unknown


Season 1

in series
in season
Title Original air date
1 1 "Hells Angel" 21 September 2009
Buckle up and get ready to experience first hand the fast-paced, breakneck world of Australia's Traffic Police. For the first time, viewers will get a rare glimpse into the day-to-day lives of the officers who take on two types of dangerous offenders - the criminal and their vehicle.
2 2 "Drug Family" 28 September 2009
When an unlicensed driver is questioned, the situation gets tense and a scuffle breaks out. Elsewhere, a driver is seen by officers talking on her mobile phone but when they pull her over she denies being on the phone, and a young female driver has been spotted traveling at 151km on the Calder highway.
3 3 "Rider On The Run" 5 October 2009
Leading Snr Cnst Dave Winton is on a high-speed motorbike chase. Elsewhere, officers impound a car using the new hoon legislation, caution a young lady for not displaying P Plates and slow down a speeding driver who was is in a rush for soccer practice.
4 4 "Flipping Idiots" 12 October 2009
Officer Alasdair Farrell and Officer Ash Bowden are called to a local park after reports of hooning. On arrival they find a car on its roof with debris strewn all around, but there's no sign of the occupants. Elsewhere, a local mechanic seeks attention the wrong way.
5 5 "Drug Mule" 19 October 2009
Officer Megan De Winne recognises a red car and pulls it over for a routine check. Elsewhere, someone reports nearly being run over by a drunk driver, a driver is pulled over for doing 130km/h in a 110km/h zone and a truck driver with an attitude is caught running a red light.
6 6 "Unlicensed and Unrestrained" 26 October 2009
Officer Megan De Winne pulls over an unlicenced driver an unrestrained toddler in the back seat. Elsewhere, a driver who is using borrowed number plates discovers they are in face stolen and a driver in a stunning Maserati is busted on the phone.
7 7 "Hidden Needles" 2 November 2009
Senior Constable Brad Mascoll narrowly misses being pricked by needles while he is searching a car. Meanwhile a police officer calls for backup in a dark alleyway, a car is seen running a red light and then smashing straight into another car and a highly strung young youth gets lippy with Senior Constable Megan De Winne.
8 8 "Hellraising Driver" 9 November 2009
Leading Senior Constable Ivan Bosnjak clocks a car doing 148km/h in an 80km/h zone and after a high-speed pursuit the driver rams the police car. Elsewhere, officers pull over a speeding driver with no headlights and a P Plater has an unusual reason for not wearing his plates.
9 9 "Drunk and Pregnant" 16 November 2009
Officers at a Booze Bus operation encounter a pregnant woman so drunk she can barely walk getting out from the driver's seat. Elsewhere, speed checks reveal a car doing 130km/h in a 60km/h zone, a driver busted doing doughnuts does the runner and two brothers face the wrath of Officer Megan de Winne.
10 10 "Season Finale" 23 November 2009
Senior Constable Pete Henry is called to the scene of an accident where a driver has smashed into a power pole. Elsewhere, a young driver is clocked doing 62km/h over the speed limit, and an automatic number plate recognition system gets a hit with an unregistered car.

Season 2

in series
in season
Title Original air date
11 1 "Hoon Riot" 30 June 2010
A roadside burger stop becomes a showdown. Hoons go on a riot at a protest rally. Police catch a male driving "al fresco".
12 2 "Biker 150" 26 July 2010
A motorcyclist's attempt to out-run police goes very wrong. An officer gets angry after a car speeds through a random breath testing block. When an officer pulls over a driver for failing to wear a seat belt, he receives an indecent proposal from the passenger.
13 3 "Racy Rider" 20 October 2010
Officers pull over a teenager driving his mum's car and a license check on a speeding driver reveals more that officers had expected.
14 4 "Taxi Theft" 27 October 2010
A taxi passenger tries to avoid paying the fare by stealing the taxi, leaving the driver stranded roadside.
15 5 "Stole Mum's Car" 22 June 2011
Officer Anderton pulls over an unlicensed 17-year-old out with his mates in his mother's car. But when the officer calls the boy's mother, she admits to having given him permission to use the car. Meanwhile, two senior constables pull over a car to find a small child in the back sharing a seatbelt with another passenger. Then, one of the passengers decides it's the perfect opportunity to try to pick up one of the police officers.
16 6 "Drunk Grandmother" 29 June 2011
A breath testing unit experience a weird night on the roads under a full moon. A car with a painting of Heath Ledger on its bonnet catches the eye of the police - again. Is an innocent grandmother who is pulled over for speeding trying to hide something from police?
17 7 "Drug Bust" 6 July 2011
18 8 "Mind Your Language" 13 July 2011
An officer narrowly misses being pricked by needles and a highly strung youth gets lippy with Senior Constable Megan De Winne.
19 9 "Hash 'n' Dash" 20 July 2011
20 10 "Car Full Of Kids" 27 July 2011
A very young driver catches the eye of Senior Constable Nathan Ractliffe and it turns out everyone in the car is between 12 and 15, including the driver.

Season 3

in series
in season
Title Original air date
21 1 "Superman" 9 February 2012
Officers in pursuit of a speeding bike must call off the dangerous chase, however, it doesn't take them long to make a case breaking identification. Elsewhere, police are forced to restrain an angry passenger. And bizarre behavior in a car attracts patrolling officer's attention.
22 2 "Drunk Parking" 16 February 2012
An officer sees a poorly parked car at a shopping centre but the man behind the wheel claims he wasn't driving.
23 3 "Lamp Post" 23 February 2012
Senior Constable McCran is called to find a driver who's crashed and fled the scene; Once found, the driver admits he's had too much to drink.
24 4 "Highway Patrol" 1 March 2012
A taxi passenger tries to avoid paying the fare by stealing the taxi, leaving the driver stranded roadside.
25 5 "Sleazeball" 8 March 2012
A man is caught speeding at 126kmph in an 80 zone, in an unregistered car with the wrong number plates. But his biggest worry is getting the woman he's out with home before her boyfriend finds out.
26 6 "Mute Driver" 15 March 2012
Sergeants pull over a driver for failing to put on his headlights, but the driver takes a vow of silence on the advice of his passenger and refuses to say anything to the Police. A Senior Constable pulls over a car that's being driven erratically and runs a red light. Then, two Senior Constables pull over a driver traveling 54km over the speed limit. The Constables follow him while he weaves in and out of traffic. Once they pull him over his excuse is that he was speeding to get to the bathroom.
27 7 "Get Off The Bridge" 22 March 2012
Senior Constables are called to a car with a flat tyre on the bridge. But their attempts to clear the bridge are hampered by a stubborn lollipop man. Senior Constable Kate Fisher spots a driver she's pulled over many times, this time on the phone, and he attempts to continue driving on a suspended licence. Senior Constable Terry Moore is in a marked police car when a driver screams out of a side street in front of him. But the driving isn't the worst offence this man commits tonight as Terry discovers when he opens the boot of the man's car.
28 8 "Bendigo Head-On" 29 March 2012
officers race to the scene of a head-on collision, meet a driver who is way over the limit, and find out a whole new meaning to the term 'road rage'.
29 9 "Head-On" 7 May 2012
A high speed collision has left several people trapped in both cars with really bad injuries. They are airlifted to hospital and it takes some time to work out the events from the chaos of the crash scene.
30 10 "Sister Act" 7 May 2012
A driver is discovered speeing at 110km/h in a 70km/h zone. He is so drunk though that he can't produce a breath test. After another driver is caught speeding, he is so furious that he speeds off from the police.

Season 4

in series
in season
Title Original air date
30 1 "Stolen Getaway Car" 3 October 2012
A driver who has managed to crash his car into a garden swears he was driving safely and the car just veered out of control. The police have to call off a high speed chase of a stolen car for the safety of the officers. The car ends up being found though dumped with all sorts of evidence left behind.
31 2 "Doped Driver" 10 October 2012
Some random breath testing ends up proving quite interesting for officers. The police break up a roadside drinking session, and some black smoke signals cause a lot of problems with a mechanic's car.
32 3 "Asserting My Rights" 17 October 2012
A cyclist decides to do a wheelie right in front of an unmarked police car and attempts to evade the police before falling off his bike but he continues to try to make a run for it.
33 4 "Ghost Plates" 24 October 2012
A constable intercepts a speeding bike rider on an unroadworthy bike who he has run into before. A senior constable discovers a case she has been looking out for involving ghost plates.
34 5 "SES Rescue" 31 October 2012
A driver in a horrific crash is trapped in the wreckage which ends up being wrapped around a tree. The highway patrol officers have to coordinate bringing in the rescue helicopters as teamsattempt to cut him out. A Senior Constable discovers a group of young partygoers on the streets, and after stopping them from drinking on the streets he sends them on their way. An officer is patrolling the streets of Corio when a bout of road rage happens right in front of him.
35 6 "Stolen Rental" 7 November 2012
A car runs a red light in front of one of the Senior Constables and then attempts to speed away. A driver is pulled over for speeding, but he is unable to accept the facts and contests his ticket for speeding.
36 7 "Two Trucks, One Car" 14 November 2012
Some Senior constables attend a nose-to-tail in peak hour traffic after a car has been sandwiched between two trucks. A senior constable sees a bike speeding and also pulls over an unregistered van that has no number plates.
37 8 "Sandwich Pursuit" 21 November 2012
As one of the sergeants is checking number plates, a bike with personalised plates comes up as unregistered. He attempts to pull over the bike, but the rider decides to try to get away In Bendigo, a senior constable stops a young speeding driver after the car is going 74km in a 60km zone.

Season 5

in series
in season
Title Original air date
38 1 "Inches From Death" 1 May 2013
Senior Constable Dean Pickering attempts to help at the scene of a serious crash where two kids have stolen a car and later wrapped the car around a tree. A driver is stopped in Epping for driving an unregistered car.
39 2 "Spiked Pursuit" 8 May 2013
The police attempt to apprehend a female drink driver who has crashed a booze bus site.
40 3 "Knife Attack" 12 May 2013
A member of the public is attacked by a man with a knife, while returning home from work. The offender leads officers on a frantic foot chase through the streets of Maribyrnong.
41 4 "Street Revolt" 26 May 2013
Things end up getting well out of control after a group of men gather to mourn their dead friend. A mother's efforts to teach her daughter to drive goes horribly wrong after the teenager crashes through the side of a house.
42 5 "Blackout In Bendigo" 2 June 2013
When a sergeant stops a car, his partner notices a weapon in the car. Two senior constables attempt to deal with a speeding car with bald tyres and a toddler sitting in the passenger footwell.
43 6 "Australia's Angriest Man" 16 June 2013
A traffic cop is given a hard time but after Senior Constable Russel Warner syops a driver, he gets a reaction like none other he's seen before. Senior Constable Jerome Murnane stops a car with a couple of stoned occupants inside.
44 7 "Unrestrained Rage" 8 July 2013
A traffic stop goes horribly wrong after a furious driver tries to attack the police.
45 8 "Dicing With Death" 15 July 2013
Senior Constable Dean Pickering is not a happy man after he sees three carloads of teenagers racing each other and even worse, climbing out of their vehicles at great speed.
46 9 "Smash And Dash" 4 November 2013
A man ends up leaving the scene of a crash and after police officers manage to find him, it becomes obvious why he wanted to get away. The police manage to spot a car with stolen plates on it.
47 10 "Drunk And Angry" 11 November 2013
Some officers find themselves on the end of a drunk man's fury aftter he is pulled over and he's not afraid to let the police know just how dangerous he can be.
48 11 "Car Crash Carnage" 18 November 2013
Some officers attend the scene of a car crash with a heavily pregnant victim involved.Senior constables sees a speeder going very fast.

Season 6

in series
in season
Title Original air date
49 1 "Argy Bargy" 25 November 2013
A man is trapped inside his vehicle when it smashes into a pole with fears of electrocution. Then, two drivers ignore a Constable's attempt to pull them over and a minor collision turns into a major argument.
50 2 "Happy Wife, Happy Life" 8 July 2014
When a man is suspected of driving under the influence of drugs, the fine and his job are the least of his worries after his partner finds out.
51 3 "Drug Driving" 8 July 2014
If you drive a hoon-mobile, expect to be pulled over. But it's what happens next that is unexpected.
52 4 "Mutinous Mother" 16 July 2014
Officers are furious when a woman in an unregistered car deliberately disobeys him and drives off. A man gets aggressive after being pulled over for talking on a mobile phone. Officers arrive at the scene of a bad accident but can't find the driver.
53 5 "Speed, Lies & Alibis" 21 July 2014
Officers pull over a female driver who was caught racing at a dangerously high speed. But when she blatantly lies about what she's been doing, she's in for a big shock. A truck loses it's load on a busy road and an angry driver denies using his mobile phone.
54 6 "Tazer Blazer" 28 July 2014
When a man does a runner from a routine intercept, officers join the pursuit. An officer gets to the scene of a smash, only to discover the driver is someone she knows all too well. A pedestrian found wandering on a dangerous stretch of road gives officers a shock.
55 7 "Roadside Rumble" 6 August 2014
A roadside rumble erupts when a fired up driver with no licence and the wrong plates tries to take on an officer. Officers try to determine the cause of a smash on a freeway and handle a hoon with an attitude.
56 8 "Brazen Burnout" 10 August 2014
Officers deal with a hoon doing burnouts in an industrial area and a drunk driver with a burning tyre. Another officer clocks a driver going twice the speed in a school zone.
57 Special "Worst Drivers" 22 September 2014 (non-Victoria)
Expect some of the funniest, craziest and downright dangerous moments as we countdown the top 10 men and women who shouldn't be on our roads. With high speed chases, drunk drivers and those who simply can't drive, the Highway police are there to see it all.
58 Special "Outrageous Characters" 9 October 2014
We feature your favourite stories from over the years, from the feuding duo who try and out-Australian each other to the angriest man in Australia and the story that became a viral sensation, the drunk man just “waiting for a mate”.
59 9 "Van Full of Trouble" 10 November 2014
Constables are horrified when they spot a van full of unrestrained children. The potential for carnage is enormous, but the mother seems more concerned about her brand new phone. Officers get a sense of deja vu when they stop a driver with fake license plates. Then Constables have a strange experience with a runaway couch!
60 10 "Stop" 17 November 2014
Officers deal with a hoon on the road and a repeat drink driver who refuses to go to the police station. Then, Constable South spots a car with no license plates but as he gives chase, the driver does a runner!

Season 7

in series
in season
Title Original air date
61 1 2015
62 2 2015
63 3 2015
64 4 2015
65 5 2015
66 6 2015
67 7 2015
68 8 2015
69 9 2015
70 10 2015

Season 8

in series
in season
Title Original air date
71 1 2016
72 2 2016
73 3 2016
74 4 2016
75 5 2016
76 6 2016
77 7 2016
78 8 2016
79 9 2016
80 10 2016

DVD Releases[edit]

DVD Set Are Not Available to the Public.. But are Available From the Victoria Police and NSW Police Library for Member of the Police Force Only.

Season Date Released # Of Episodes # Of Discs Special Features
The Complete 1st Series 2010 10 3 None
The Complete 2nd Series 2010 11 3 Including Scenes Not Originally Shown On TV.


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