Hikaru Memorial Hall

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Hikaru Memorial Hall
Established April 8, 1999
Location 175 Nakayama-chō, Takayama
Gifu Prefecture, Japan 506-0051
Public transit access Takayama Main Line
Website Museum homepage

Hikaru Memorial Hall (光記念館 Hikaru Kinenkan?) is an exhibition hall in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, comprising exhibition rooms for fine arts, for archaeological research, and for the study of the history of the old Hida Province of Japan.

The memorial hall was established to pay homage to Yoshikazu Okada, founder of the Mahikari organization, and also houses exhibits paying homage to his life and missions.


Coordinates: 36°9′21.5″N 137°14′3.4″E / 36.155972°N 137.234278°E / 36.155972; 137.234278