Hilde (film)

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Directed by Kai Wessel
Produced by Judy Tossell
Jens Meurer
Written by Maria von Heland
Based on Der geschenkte Gaul 
Hildegard Knef
Starring Heike Makatsch
Music by Martin Todsharow
Cinematography Hagen Bogdanski
Edited by Tina Freitag
Release dates
  • March 12, 2009 (2009-03-12)
Running time 137 min
Country Germany
Language German

Hilde is a 2009 German biographical film directed by Kai Wessel and starring Heike Makatsch, Dan Stevens and Monica Bleibtreu.[1] It depicts the life of the German actress Hildegard Knef.


In 1966 Hildegard Knef returns to Germany. While she prepares for a concert she thinks back to the beginnings of her career. Flashbacks show how she became an actress and then started a second career as a singer.



Kirk Honeycutt's wrote "Hilde" was an "outstanding biopic about Hildegard Knef with a captivating performance" by Heike Makatsch but also felt the screenplay was "at times superficial".[2] Variety's Derek Elley attested Heike Makatsch a "remarkably cohesive performance" which was true to each "physical mannerism" of Hildegard Knef. "Easy on the eyes but rarely going more than skin-deep" was his roundup.[3]


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